Episode 7: Is 2019 still on track?

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At the start of the year, we looked at what was in store for 2019. We’re only six months in and it’s already been a year of twists and turns. From a darkening economic outlook, to really critical regulatory advances on the fastest emerging risks, there’s been plenty to keep us on our toes. In our latest episode, we’re welcoming back David Strachan, as he joins our host Scott Martin, for a mid-year review of the regulatory climate so far… tune in now!

Key questions:

  • How are financial services firms handling the continued uncertainty around Brexit and what should they watch for next?
  • How far are regulators likely to go in pushing financial firms to address risks arising from climate change?
  • Are we seeing regulators make enough progress in dealing with the threat of cyber risk in financial markets?
  • What are the highest impact developments that we expect to see in the second half of 2019?
If you think about how some of the big regulatory trends we’ve been seeing this year could play out. Important developments on cyber risk, on green finance, consumer protection and even the leadership of the financial system itself, it’s reasonable to say that the second half of 2019 might be even more eventful than the first.

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