Conduct Risk Outlook 2018

UK Roadshow

Firms operating in the Financial Services sector are facing unprecedented levels of regulatory scrutiny through the Financial Conduct Authority's (FCA) more intensive and intrusive supervisory approach. The FCA continues to focus on Conduct Risk and specifically firms’ ability to proactively identify, monitor and manage the risk of delivering poor outcomes for customers.

To help you successfully focus on the relevant Conduct Risk issues for your firm, we will be holding a series of briefings at Deloitte offices across the UK to explore the FCA’s expectations on Conduct current hot topics and provide insight and good practice.

The London event will include a keynote speech from Megan Butler, Director of Supervision at the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), who will discuss the 2018 FCA Business Plan. This will be followed by a presentation by David Strachan, Head of Deloitte’s EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy, on some of the key barriers to AI adoption and the pivotal role that effective risk management can play in enabling regulated firms to harness the power of AI with confidence. Finally, we will focus on the important theme of vulnerability where we will be supported by a representative from the Alzheimer’s Society who will provide their insights into what firms could improve on when assisting vulnerable customers.

The regional events will include a Deloitte session on the 2018 FCA Business Plan, including the key messages from Megan’s keynote speech complimented by a tailored agenda covering similar topics and themes to our London event.

Dates, locations and agendas of available briefing sessions are noted below, with registration open from 08:00 am (08:30 am for London).

Please note that our London event is now oversubscribed.
Please feel free to still register for the events that will be held in Edinburgh, Leeds, Bristol and Birmingham although please note that spaces are also limited.

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Key contact

Cindy Chan

Cindy Chan

Partner, Risk Advisory

Cindy Chan has over 20 years of financial services consulting and audit experience. She has extensive experience in supporting firms in regulatory risk assurance reviews and conduct risk projects incl... More