Deloitte and ServiceNow webinar series

Hosted by Deloitte and ServiceNow

Webinar | October 22 │ 11:00 BST

Non-systemic UK banks regulations: how will this impact you?

The first webinar in the series focused on the results of the latest Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) consultation paper. Our expert speakers explored what the consultation could mean for compliance and risk teams in Financial Services and how organisations can leverage technology to adapt to these changes.

Key highlights from the discussion:

  1. How integration is key – but IRM is not the solution on its own, it requires the reformation of how business outcomes are linked and understood throughout the organisation, consistency of terminology across the frameworks and technology to augment decision making
  2. An alternative management model which explore aligning operations with strategy to allow you to truly connect your business and enable a truly risk based approach to decision making
  3. Case studies on how peers in the industry have implemented this approach 
  • Robert Brooks, Head of Financial Services IRM/GRC at Deloitte
  • Deepak Taheem, Integrated Risk Management (IRM) Consultant at Deloitte
  • Keith Pearson, Head of Financial Services EMEA at ServiceNow