Deloitte’s Case Management System

Upgrade to CMS Enterprise, Deloitte’s enhanced configurable workflow and case management system that delivers end-to-end control

A mature, in-house solution built on 15+ years of experience in delivering scaled, technology-enabled operations across financial services and other industries.

As a standalone technology implementation or as part of a complete managed service, Deloitte is helping firms ease the case management and workflow process burden with CMS Enterprise, a purpose-built case management and workflow platform that’s specifically enhanced to deal with claims, complaints, remediation, repapering and other programmes or projects with a large number of incoming items.

Deloitte’s CMS Enterprise solution is mature, proven, robust and self-configurable to help companies better navigate the complexity of multiple activities. It provides infrastructure for the setup, actioning and monitoring of a defined sequence of tasks, some that are human, some electronic.

CMS Enterprise is a self-configurable tool giving our clients the ability to define new, bespoke workflows and Management Information (MI) reporting without coding or intervention from Deloitte.

Some common use cases for workflow tools include:

There are several challenges that occur in workflow and case management. How can a workflow solution address these?

Challenges with Workflow and Case Management What Could Implementing CMS Enterprise Do?
Repeated errors: Lack of intuitive data meaning little process improvement possible and issues that reappear. Enable process improvements: Analytics used to make process improvements or reduce future case or item volumes.
Workforce & Quality: Inability to know easily if workforce are meeting high standards. Manual performance management. Monitor performance: Built-in quality, performance and accreditation tools to ensure your team are meeting demand. Tracking and monitoring of input and output.
Disjointed Processes: Fragmented systems to manage each part of the process with no single source of truth. Time spent updating systems and managing moving parts. Manage end-to-end: Encompasses a complete end-to-end workflow so you aren’t managing disjointed systems.

Integrate: Easy integration with other platforms delivering an optimal centralised experience and automation of processes.

Be centralised: A single source of truth, great user experience, stopping tissue rejection and encouraging collaboration.
Management Information (MI): Minimal and inaccurate MI that is not easily visualised or shareable with stakeholders. Record data: A tool with built-in enhanced data capabilities, allowing you to manipulate and visualise data for your stakeholders.
Proactivity: Constantly changing regulatory landscape with reactive responses. Be flexible: A flexible solution that you can tweak to apply to any project. Flexibility to accommodate any hosting requirements.
Alignment Control: Each team member can handle work items differently without a defined process and enforced tasks/steps. Govern and control: A tool with controlled access levels, defined steps and a historical audit trail to govern and control your operations.
Speed: Differing projects in size and scope can mean lengthy setup timelines resulting in delayed customer contact and heightened costs. Be scalable: A rapidly scalable solution removing any volume, traffic or size limitations for your operations.

Be configured: Easy and quick configurability of workflows within the tool without coding or intervention from your provider.

Be secure: A solution that addresses security vulnerabilities and has been tested on multiple occasions.

CMS Enterprise addresses all of these challenges, allowing your teams to work to their potential.

Module summary

CMS Enterprise is almost entirely modular. Pick and choose the relevant modules for your projects and programmes, or our delivery teams can build something bespoke for you. We have a roadmap so new features become available to our clients on a regular basis. Below are just some of the modules the tool offers:

View all the case and headline stats in your own dashboard
Built-in performance management and accreditation
Track deadlines for tasks and escalate cases
Data Entry
Users can enter and store data relevant to each case
Automate repeatable processes with integrated robotics
Document Management
Scan or upload and manage documents in the tool
Configurable sampling and quality functionality
Access control and permissions for user types
Status-driven Workflow
Enables users to follow predefined processes
Management Information
MI suite built-in and configurable in the tool
Data Extracts
Flexible data extracts to share with stakeholders
Configuration Toolkit
Built-in tools enabling you to configure workflows, MI and much more
Customer Reach-Out
Facilitate telephony, letter generation or email campaigns
Ability to integrate with clients or other systems to centralise information
Case Allocation
Flexible allocation of cases to define who works on each case
Audit History
Track all actions performed on each case

If you require a demonstration of CMS Enterprise, would like to learn more about a managed service project or you’re interested in further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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