Deloitte CMS Pro

Upgrade to an enhanced case management platform to deliver end-to-end control

A new Case Management System to help Financial Services firms effectively manage the complexity of multiple remediation and re-documentation activities.

Amid a rise in regulatory requirements which financial services firms must adhere to, the coming years present significant remediation and re-documentation challenges for market operators. With multiple regulations running simultaneously, thousands of clients, dozens of documents of varying complexity, and all with multiple components; gaining control will be key.

As part of a complete managed service, Deloitte are helping firms ease the case management burden with CMS Pro, a purpose built case management and workflow platform, specifically enhanced to deal with remediation, repapering and associated activities.

Deloitte CMS Pro is a robust and highly configurable case management or workflow to help companies better navigate the complexity of multiple remediation and re-documentation activities.

The latest technology
As a web-based application, it uses modern web technologies to provide a clean, simple, responsive and device-responsive user interface.

Highly configurable and quick to set-up
Reconfigure the system for each project rather than recode it – each screen or piece of functionality is a separate module and can be enabled/disabled and configured as applicable.

Continually evolving
CMO Pro is regularly and automatically updated without system resets.

Deploy anywhere, access anywhere
Deployable anywhere, for multiple people on multiple contents, but with the ability to only permit approved IP addresses or ranges.

Tried, tested and scalable
Used by many of Deloitte’s biggest clients and with over 1,000 users to date, the system works at scale, both in terms of user and data volume. Use cases have ranged from a handful of users on one dedicated site to a 24/7 operation with peaks of just under 700 users using the system to generate over 100,000 system interactions per day on more than 80,000 cases.

The system addresses common security vulnerabilities (including such as HTML, JavaScript, SQL injection and cross-site scripting) and has been tested on multiple occasions by penetration testing teams from different organisations.

See how Deloitte CMS Pro works

Module summary

You can find the core modules contained within CMS Pro below. A typical deployment will contain the majority of these modules, but they can be added and removed as required. Furthermore, new modules can be created by using existing module templates, speeding up the development process while also delivering the specific needs of an individual project.

View all the cases and headline stats at a glance when you first log in
Status driven workflow
Let users follow a defined process when updating statuses, ensuring all steps are completed in turn
Document management
Can be used to scan or import new documents into the system
Mass email campaigns
Create bulk outreach campaigns to be sent from your domain. Read, validate and store client responses
Allows most repeatable processes to be automated assigning specific business rules
Integration to other platforms
Track changes made to various aspects of each case, such as status or review outcome
Record details of outbound and inbound contact points (time/date), including telephone conversations
Audit history
Track changes made to various aspects of each case, such as status or review outcome
Management information
A full suite of automated MI can be made available directly from the system and is configurable to meet your needs
User and role based permissions restrict users – Deloitte and client - to only the cases and tasks they need to see and do

To find out more about Deloitte CMS Pro, or arrange a demonstration, please contact one of the team listed below.

Key contacts

Hugo Morris

Hugo Morris


Hugo has over 20 years’ experience in the successful delivery of large scale claims, complaints and process based operations. He specialises in delivering multi-faceted projects across numerous geogra... More

Tom Gregory

Tom Gregory


Tom is a Partner within Deloitte Managed Solutions (DMS) and co-leads the Capital Markets side of the practice. He specialises in the design, delivery and execution of complex programmes in the invest... More

Trystan Richards

Trystan Richards

Senior Manager

Trystan is a Senior Manager within Deloitte Managed Solutions (DMS) and specialises in the design, delivery and execution of complex client-facing programmes in the investment bank setting. He has par... More