Demonstrations at the Innovate Finance Global Summit

As the platinum sponsor of the Innovate Finance Global Summit (IFGS) and a leader when it comes to building, implementing and scaling technology in financial services, Deloitte will be demonstrating a number of technological offerings across the Guildhall.

Find out more about each demonstration below and if you have any questions, please speak to one of our team at the Deloitte stand in the Exhibition Hall or email us at

BEAT: Outcome based cognitive call centre platform

Helping you to more accurately listen to what your customers are saying.

BEAT is an AI-driven voice analytics tool, which monitors customer interactions based on speech, behavioural and human emotional tendencies. This enables businesses to deliver consistently improved customer outcomes and reduce customer service risks.

Blockchain KYC: Client on-boarding solution

Know your customer processes are expensive and time consuming for financial institutions and often result in a poor client experience.

Blockchain KYC allows the safe and secure sharing of information among financial institutions; guaranteeing data integrity, immutability and complete auditability.

EduScrypt: Blockchain enabled qualification solution

Managing and tracking employee qualifications is often an extremely manual, time consuming and costly task, which can carry regulatory penalties for non-compliance.

EduScrypt is a blockchain solution that is designed to store, share and authenticate education qualifications; increasing the efficiency of the on-boarding process and tracking the continuous development of employees. 

Chatbots: EMILIE can assist with Answer, Advice and Action

Meet EMILIE. If you have got a question, EMILIE can help provide an answer. By understanding what is being requested, EMILIE asks relevant follow up questions, performs actions, provides answers and offers advice.

The live demo will explain how Chatbots can add value to your business.

Frank: SME insurance digitally reimagined

Frank empowers insurers to address small and medium-sized businesses' unmet insurance needs.

By helping SMEs understand the unique risks that their businesses are exposed to through advanced analytics of third-party data. Frank delivers leading insights and superior straight through pricing to the customer.

Deloitte FUSION

In an area of unprecedented change, we have created a service designed to immerse you in the trends and technologies that will impact your business as well as a collaborative space to co-create propositions to embrace that impact.

HexScore: Bringing Artificial Intelligence to insurers and their clients

The availability of increasing volumes of data can help insurers make smarter decisions.

HexScore uses congnitive technologies to extract insights from multiple data sources relating to physical environments. This allows insurers to generate better intelligence, quantify risks and enable innovations across multiple industries.

Intelligent Automation: Combining Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Financial Services companies can use RPA and AI to streamline clunky processes and increase accuracy and efficiency in their business.

The live demo will explain how we are helping client potimise their business.

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