The future of Commercial Banking

The Deloitte Digital Commercial Banking Showcase

Discover the technologies that will fundamentally change your commercial banking business

An integrated client experience

Innovation and disruption will not only transform how established commercial banks need to service their clients but it will also evolve what clients come to expect. Deloitte have developed an interactive showcase which establishes our view of how banks can leverage innovative technology, new business models and ways of working to combat disruption, exploit opportunities and ultimately better serve their clients.

Change is imminent. With regulation and new entrants disrupting the Commercial Banking sector, banks must decide what role they want to play in the ‘Bank‑as‑a‑Platform’ model with increased competition for the client relationship. Leveraging flexible infrastructure, innovative technology and new business models will be key to maintaining traditionally strong client relationships and driving acquisition. Commercial banks that succeed will put retention of the client interface and delivering increased levels of client value through customised and tailored services at the top of their transformation agenda.


Our view

Based on our expertise, industry knowledge and research, we have found that although commercial client needs will not materially change, the expectations on how banks should address these needs will change rapidly over the next three years. These changes can be articulated in three key themes that will help to shape the future landscape for Commercial Banking:

Changing client expectations Business model shift   Workforce and disruptive tech
Commercial clients
expect the same speed, flexibility and personalisation they receive from their bank as a consumer.
Flexible architecture,
equipped with configurable features to deliver client needs in a faster, more seamless manner.
Shifts within workforce skill-bases and culture
will enable employees to quickly adapt to demand from clients and deliver improved and consistent levels of service.


The future landscape for Commercial Banking

The future of Commercial Banking

We believe that commercial banks must leverage both internal and external assets in order to remain competitive and better meet client needs; the core principles of the future Commercial Banking Model are outlined below.

  • Open banking inspired API-enabled architecture
  • Intuitive and configurable product platforms
  • Integration with cloud-based technology
  • Maximising straight‑through processing
  • Data rich and analytics driven processes
  • Reduced operational cost base
  • Speed and flexibility in delivery of products and services to market

The future landscape for Commercial Banking

What is the Deloitte Digital Commercial Banking Showcase?

The Commercial Banking Showcase is an interactive experience, providing an opportunity to collaborate and share ideas across the end-to-end commercial client journey on what good will look like in the next three years, in light of evolving innovation and client expectations.

1. Discuss trends in the market, focusing on future opportunities and client expectations.
2. Share knowledge and ideas across the end‑to‑end commercial client lifecycle.
3. Consolidate views on what a great future client experience looks like.
4. Discuss different approaches to transformation and their respective benefits and key considerations.
5. Understand the breadth of Deloitte’s capabilities.

Deloitte Digital Commercial Banking Showcase

Your Showcase experience

You will be immersed in the Commercial Banking Showcase in a tailored half‑day session to enable you to get ‘hands‑on’ with technology capabilities and their application to the end‑to‑end client lifecycle.

Your showcase experience

How does this benefit you?

Securing the relevant forum to experience the latest innovation can be challenging. The Commercial Banking Showcase provides an opportunity to put yourself in your clients’ shoes and gain an in‑depth understanding of the types of experiences and services they want to consume and how new technology and capabilities can be used to deliver these.

  • Client insight - The opportunity to step into the client’s shoes and fully understand their future needs
  • Enabler - Hands‑on and interactive demonstrations to fully grasp technology’s impact on enhancing processes
  • Transition - Understanding how the changing technological landscape will alter operational bank roles
  • Ecosystem - Understand how the various digital technologies are intertwined within the bank ecosystem


How to book your place on the Deloitte Digital Commercial Banking Showcase

Deloitte will be hosting half-day interactive sessions at our new London-based FinTech space, ‘Deloitte Fusion’, to showcase our journey through the future of Commercial Banking and share our ideas with Commercial Banking leadership teams, and business and technology experts from industry.

To confirm your place at our Commercial Banking Showcase, or for any questions or queries, please get in touch with a member of the Deloitte team or email:

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Kris Ferguson


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