Model risk management

Deloitte works with clients across all areas of model risk management. Our global team of modelling professionals includes over 800 professionals covering all aspects of model risk, including financial engineers, mathematicians, actuaries, former regulators, former traders, data scientists, programmers, academics, risk and governance experts and project managers.

Deloitte has introduced, implemented and applied leading model risk management practices at organisations across financial services. We have helped our clients achieve scale and sustainability in their model risk management capabilities by developing and implementing methodology, process and technology based solutions.

Our experience spans a broad range of models, including those at the forefront of the industry and the most complex model-use environments.

Deloitte’s model risk management services, set out below, are designed to enable financial services clients to improve modelling performance and model risk governance, across all components of their model risk management frameworks, while complying with the strictest regulatory rules and effectively navigating regulatory approval processes.

Deloitte’s model risk management services

Model risk management as a service

Deloitte provides end-to-end model risk services to leading financial services organisations as a co-sourced and/or outsourced managed risk service. Deloitte’s managed risk service takes on all or part of a client’s model risk management function with a focus on delivering end to end model validations. We provide clients with access to high quality and cost-effective model risk management services through our local teams and global model risk practice. Deloitte uses defined, standardised processes and our services are designed to support regulatory compliance.

Deloitte’s services are integrated into your risk function and can operate using your existing workflow and technology systems. Alternatively, we can deploy a purpose-built in-house technology platform which can be applied to effectively manage workflow and process, model inventories, analytics and reporting and documentation management. Data can be processed on a secure Deloitte network, through cloud solutions, or through dedicated access to your systems.

Deloitte’s managed service is delivered through the right blend of resources to meet client requirements. Delivery teams can be on-site, nearshore, or offshore, offering skilled and experienced specialists in all locations, from senior to junior levels, with a layer of senior management remaining within the client, allowing control, quality assessment and oversight to reside in-house.

Find out more about model risk management in our report here.

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Ian Wilson


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