Brexit: Preparing for the transition period and beyond

Key steps and actions

Deloitte’s Brexit Impact Assessment helps businesses identify the practical and immediate actions they must take to prepare for the end of the transition period on 31 December 2020 across: supply chain, people, legal and regulation, trade and market access, and tax and finance.

Prepare for the future

Businesses will have to adapt. The changes that will come into force at the end of the transition period will have a broad impact. Whilst much depends on the outcome of the negotiations, there is a lot we already know. Identifying what changes are needed in your organisation, and when to make them, will be crucial to operate effectively in the future trading environment. Taking early steps to build on any Brexit planning undertaken to date is key.

Deloitte Brexit Impact Assessment: external drivers of change

Some areas of change are already determined as a result of the UK leaving the EU Single Market and Customs Union, and can be prepared for now. In other areas, the position will depend on the outcome of the negotiations. So far, some of these include:

The business roadmap

Every business will need to take similar steps as they prepare for the changes Brexit brings. Whatever stage of this journey you are at, Deloitte’s Brexit Impact Assessment can help you put the right preparations in place.

We can help your business navigate the transition period across five key themes: supply chain, people, legal and regulation, trade and market access, and tax and finance. Deloitte’s Brexit Impact Assessment provides a framework for updating existing Brexit preparations in response to the trade negotiations, adapted to an organisation’s business model. These range from an initial impact assessment to advising on detailed implementation steps in priority areas.

Deloitte works with businesses to help them engage in the debate on the shape of the UK’s future policy landscape, apply timely operational modifications and take advantage of the changes ahead.

Why Deloitte?

There is an extremely short timeframe for any business to plan and take action. Deloitte is a leading voice in navigating Brexit considerations with business and government. We combine our global Brexit insights with specialist knowledge of the negotiations, developed through advising clients across multiple industries, jurisdictions and technical subject matter areas. We apply a methodical approach to mapping the impact of external drivers of change onto an organisation’s business model, providing a clear framework for identifying critical actions.


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