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Brexit contingency planning

Know what's ahead before we leave

Our Brexit contingency planning - using our lab approach - is designed to challenge an organisation’s assumptions around the potential impacts of Brexit on their business. By bringing together a cross-functional team from our client’s business, alongside Deloitte domain experts, our strategic risk specialists use the Brexit Issues and Opportunities Map, as well as tailored methods such as scenario planning and simulation techniques, to identify the full extent of the potential impact of Brexit based on a scenario of maximum change to build a tailored Brexit contingency plan.

We recently worked with a major consumer products company, helping them examine the key issues and opportunities for their UK business and the markets in which they operate under. The company was able to get a better understanding of key prioritised areas of impact for them on movement of goods and its extensive impacts to their supply chain and current business model. As well as regulatory and compliance challenges, they considered the additional impact of changes to immigration and mobility rules fully, including the importance of conducting an “employees culture” Brexit strategy that will inform an appropriate internal and external Brexit communications planning.

Beyond establishing alignment across their organisation, we enabled them to prioritise the risks and opportunities and create a practical and actionable time lined contingency plan, mitigating the impact of Brexit (maximum change scenario) on their UK business. They are now looking at extending this Brexit contingency planning work to their EMEA operations.

To find out more about our Brexit Contingency Planning and how to customise the lab approach to your clients contact the team.

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