Doing Business in China

A guide for UK companies

Deloitte is proud to support the CBBC and UKTI’s Doing Business in China Guide. This comprehensive guide provides an overview of China’s economy, business culture, market opportunities, and tips to navigate the challenges associated with establishing operations in China.

Appearing as a market expert in the guide, we share our insight and expertise in helping UK companies capitalise on opportunities in China, one of the world’s most exciting markets to do business.

Successfully doing business in China

We understand that successfully doing business in China is dependent on the right expertise, relationships and market knowledge. In the guide, we provide the following factors to consider:

  • Business strategy: a well-developed business strategy is essential in ensuring that commercial objectives can be realised;
  • Government regulations: understanding and meeting regulation requirements on foreign investments is critical in certain sectors;
  • Capital and corporate structure: selecting an appropriate structure will help to secure future growth, access to finance and business flexibility
  • Location: carefully choosing a location is important as local resources vary from region to region, as does the quality of local government assistance;
  • Taxation: China has a complex and rapidly-evolving tax system. Understanding the rules and practices can reduce the risk of penalties and unexpected costs;
  • Foreign exchange controls: professional advice can help to ensure that cash does not become ‘trapped’ in China for non-resident enterprises;
  • Secondments: properly structured employment contracts and remuneration packages can avoid unexpected issues and additional costs.

Whether you are looking to set-up operations for the first time in China or expanding your business through corporate acquisitions or other types of investment, the global reach of our UK China Services Group can support your business and assist in achieving your ambitions.

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