India-UK Technology Collaborations

Smart Cities, Digital Healthcare, Advanced Manufacturing and Women in Technology

India and the UK have been engaging in bilateral collaborations for many years. This has evolved in recent years into innovation and developments in technology. This report illustrates opportunities for future technology collaborations between India and the UK, as the two countries build links in the four areas of focus detailed below.

Smart Cities

Smart Cities is a key area where the UK is looking at furthering cooperation with India. The Governments of the two countries have come together to work on the Smart City vision of India. The program encourages cities to look at innovative solutions to address citizen expectations and aspirations and develop coordinated plans across various state departments and city agencies.


Digital Healthcare

India and the UK are both implementing ‘smart healthcare’ to harness the potential of digital solutions. Both governments share an ambition to leverage technologies developed in each other’s countries, cross-pollinate and share experience in research and technology.


Advanced Manufacturing

India and the UK have placed manufacturing at the core of their economic strategies and are collaborating on advanced manufacturing areas like advanced automation, high performance materials and sustainable manufacturing. The report highlights the key considerations in the manufacturing sector for both India and the UK, their journey including adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies and the opportunities for both the UK and India to collaborate and partner.


Women in Technology

While traditionally the technology industry has been male dominated, given the innovative nature of the technology industry, from a gender diversity perspective, the prospects are unlimited. Opportunities are likely to evolve, leading to creation of more roles for women that do not currently exist, besides correcting the gender disparity.

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