Africa in 2017 Seminar

Shaping the Continent’s Future

What can we expect from Africa in 2017?

African economies need a structural reset. A new Africa is emerging – one that is no longer propelled by inflated oil and commodity prices. This is especially true for the West African region, while East Africa enjoys strong growth but needs qualitative adjustments to ensure sustainability.

With the global macro environment remaining largely unfavourable, African economies now need to work to grow. Global headwinds include China’s growth and “rebalancing” away from commodities towards services; a lack of a recovery in the EU economy and the potential impact of BREXIT.
We will explore growth, fiscal health, new technologies and private entrepreneurship creating new business models and innovative commercial practices in Africa’s frontier markets.

The dynamics of African economies are very different to what they have been in recent years, paving the way for multinationals and African firms to capture market share and consolidate their businesses in the region.
There are a number of differentiating factors that countries across the continent are adopting, which are presenting opportunities for growth in an increasingly multi-speed African context.

How Deloitte can help?

Contact our Africa Services Group who are our Africa research, thought leadership, insights and advisory arm that assists clients to improve their competitiveness, as well as navigate the opportunities and challenges in the African continent and emerging market economies. Read more

Realising the opportunity

The Africa Services Group at Deloitte UK brings together insights and innovation with the industry and local market expertise to support companies inbound to, and outbond from, Africa. Deloitte UK is involved with over 600 projects in Africa every year; helping our clients to realise their potential in Africa. 

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