State of the Indian Economy 2015

An opportunity for revival

The last year has been a fortuitously good one for the Indian economy with a sea change in the macroeconomic parameters and a sustainable turnaround on the cards.

There is a real sense that a new set of reforms and the enthusiasm in the markets can lead India towards another prosperous era of high growth. That said, the government's job is not yet over. Given the high expectations of success it has now become imperative for the government to deliver in order for the growth momentum to be sustained.

Overall Outlook and Expectations from the budget

The last year saw India enter a sweet spot as growth rebounded, inflation declined and the external accounts came under control. From then on there has been a lot of positivity built around the India growth story and India seems to be poised to enjoy another spurt in growth. However, to convert this promise into tangible reality we need the government to institute the correct set of reforms all that would set India on the virtuous cycle of growth. Accordingly we outline some of the major areas of focus for the government.

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