A survey of Indian businesses coming to the UK

Eyes wide open

Eyes Wide Open is a groundbreaking survey exploring the opportunities and challenges for Indian businesses operating in the UK.

Indian business continue to be attracted to the UK, thanks to the country's leading technology sector and its preeminent financial centres, including London.

In a groundbreaking initiative by Deloitte UK and the Confederation for Indian Industry, executives from Indian companies operating in the UK across a range of sectors were interviewed for their perspectives on the opportunities and challenges of entering and operating in the UK.

The outcomes of this research will inform Indian companies of the opportunities and practical considerations of making the move to the UK.

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Key points for consideration

Ten significant themes emerged from our discussions:

  • The UK has much to play for, but is not a marketplace for the fainthearted
  • The Great Britain brand
  • Location, location, location (within the UK)
  • Leveraging local talent
  • UK Immigration rules
  • Managing costs
  • London as a global financial centre
  • The UK as a European tech hub
  • Compliance with laws and regulation
  • The UK: a home away from home

"The experience of successful Indian companies and the challenges they have overcome to establish themselves in the European markets, in the face of strong international competition, would be useful for others." Dr J. Bhagwati, High Commissioner for India to the United Kingdom.

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