The new UK points-based immigration system

To the point: The business guide to navigating the new points-based immigration system

Deloitte and the CBI have come together to create this practical guide for employers of any size looking to navigate the new UK immigration system and to understand the steps to be taken if employing migrant workers, including EU nationals from 1 January 2021.

The guide delivers concise and clear information about the new system, and key insights into the choices and practical actions employers should now take.

As we approach the end of Freedom of Movement in the UK, we must prepare for the vast changes that will affect businesses wanting to hire and retain both European and global talent.

Any business wishing to hire international talent from 1 December 2020 will need to engage with the new immigration system and new visa routes.

This guide provides comprehensive insight to the upcoming changes within the UK immigration rules, policies and procedures. It helps employers understand the processes that they will need to follow and the costs associated with becoming a licensed sponsor, as well as sponsoring a migrant worker. It has been designed to help businesses fully understand how to utilise the new points-based immigration system and to help them decide whether it is a feasible route to hiring new talent into the UK for their business.

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