A guide to investing in the UK for Chinese companies

Welcome ashore

This guide is a practical document that aims to provide valuable guidance on setting up in the UK.

  • The UK remains one of the most attractive destinations for Chinese companies to invest in outside China and to expand their global business
  • Current China-UK economic and commercial ties are deeper and more robust than any other time in history with bilateral trade more than doubling in the past 5 years, hitting a record of US$ 80 billion in 2014 with more than US$25 billion Chinese capital coming into the UK in 2014
  • Chinese individuals and companies are taking advantage of the UK’s reputation as one of the most open and stable economies in the world
  • London is established as the Western Hub for offshore renminbi (RMB) trading, with almost two-thirds of all RMB payments outside China and Hong Kong now taking place in London and 28 per cent of all international RMB payments made in the UK
  • As a result, the UK has become a premier destination for Chinese companies receiving more Chinese capital than any other country in the EU
Welcome Ashore: A guide to investing in the UK for Chinese companies
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