Brazil Services Group

Whether you are a UK company seeking to invest and trade in Brazil, or a Brazilian company exploring opportunities in the UK, our Brazil Services Group can help. 

Increasingly, we are seeing UK companies look to Brazil as part of their global growth ambitions, either through organic growth or M&A activity. Brazil is key market for the UK government to expand bi-lateral trade and investment and with Rio 2016 on the horizon, there is a clear focus on the country.

With its unparalleled access to capital markets and significant investment opportunities, the UK is an attractive destination for many Brazilian organisations. 

Our team can support companies by providing strategic advice and market insight at every stage of the journey, from scoping the opportunity through to establishing a presence.

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Key contacts

Leonardo Ferreira

Leonardo Ferreira


Leo Ferreira leads a team of experts in the accounting and auditing of complex banking transactions (e.g. structured vehicles and allowance for loan losses) and other complex treasury issues (e.g. con... More

Valeria Villa DuQue

Valeria Villa DuQue


Valeria is a director in our Risk Advisory practice, specialised in cross-border securities offerings in the US and in the UK and talented in complex accounting and reporting issues for banking instit... More