Brexit and Future Trade Readiness: Contract Repapering

As the UK and EU move towards a new future trading environment, companies must assess the contractual changes required to maintain business continuity. Deloitte provides a scalable solution to review and amend contracts in response to Brexit, combining expertise with technology enabled solutions.

Brexit exposes business to heightened contractual risk which can affect business continuity. It also presents an opportunity to strengthen contracts prior to the UK entering into a new future trading environment.

Major challenges for businesses include the potential impacts on supply chain and services with a cross-border element, termination events being triggered under contract and the continuity of European Economic Area (EEA) to UK personal data flows. To mitigate against these risks, businesses must identify, review and assess contracts that underpin their business to ensure economic viability and business continuity. Undertaking a contractual analysis can define risk and Brexit exposure, and, using that information, contracts can been re-negotiated or re-papered as required.

Our approach addresses market demand for a cost-effective and scalable solution, combining Deloitte leadership and specialist resources. Our service blends legal expertise, technology enablement and operational delivery:

  • Contract Discovery and Analytics

- Discovering and digitising contracts

- Key data extraction

- Analysis of clauses/terms

  • Risk Assessment and Approach Design

- Development of playbooks

- Scaling of teams/resources

- Scoping remediation population

  • Repapering and Negotiation

- Contract generation

- Contract negotiation and execution 

- Key term extraction post execution

- Multi-lingual and jurisdictional support

Tom Gregory, Deloitte partner and Meera Patel, Brexit legal insights lead, discuss the impact of Brexit on commercial contracts and how businesses can prepare

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Mark Bethell

Mark Bethell


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Tom Gregory

Tom Gregory


Tom is a Partner within Deloitte Managed Solutions (DMS) and co-leads the Capital Markets side of the practice. He specialises in the design, delivery and execution of complex programmes in the invest... More

Meera Patel

Meera Patel

Associate Director

Meera is an Associate Director in the Global Brexit Insights team. She is a corporate lawyer and business strategist. She advises business across sectors, including retail, TMT and automotive, in form... More