Brexit readiness: supply chain

Businesses need to understand the impact of Brexit on their existing product and/or service offerings to determine the key actions for day 1 readiness. Consideration also needs to be given to whether supply chains are sufficiently resilient to continue to deliver in a post-Brexit trading environment. Important areas to consider include:

  • current supply chain capabilities and resilience
  • impacts on both the current operating model and existing procurement and supply chain systems
  • wider business strategies and objectives
  • potential impact on operational and financial performance
  • what are the imperatives to achieve in the constrained timeframes before Brexit

Brexit will represent a fundamental change to the trading environment for inbound and outbound supplies of both goods and services in the UK. It has never been more important to take a holistic view of your supply chain and businesses will need to adapt and respond to the change to minimise operational risk and maximise their competitive advantage.

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Amanda Tickel

Amanda Tickel

Head of Tax & Trade Policy

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Ian Washington

Ian Washington


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