Global Markets Advisory

Global Markets Advisory delivers a high-end advisory offering for ambitious UK and broader Western European firms looking to expand beyond their home markets.

Global Markets Advisory provide a strategic offering aimed at ambitious CEOs who are looking to better understand the key blockers and enablers for success in new markets. The offering is a combination of strategic workshops, CEO mentoring and advisory solutions designed to support CEOs and their key management teams to better navigate the complexities of overseas expansion.

Since its establishment in August 2013, Global Markets Advisory (GMA) has supported c.60 ambitious and influential CEOs of leading UK businesses to better understand the key blockers and enablers for success in global expansion.

Why Global Markets Advisory?

Growth has become an imperative for UK business. Not only has domestic demand slowed in many areas of the economy but new opportunities have emerged around the globe.

The growth of the middle class in fast growing economies is already an important trend and Deloitte LLP believes this will continue in the coming decade. By 2020, it is estimated that there could be two billion middle class Asians – over one billion in China and India alone – representing over 25 times the entire UK population. This, combined with the steady US economic recovery, provides a unique opportunity for ambitious UK CEOs looking to unearth strategic opportunities for growth beyond the EU region.

Key questions addressed through the GMA:

  • What kind of company do they want to build?
  • Should businesses expand overseas?
  • Where are the biggest international growth opportunities?
  • What approaches actually work in new markets – joint venturing, organic growth, acquisition or licensing?
  • Moreover, how can business mitigate the new risks and challenges that emerge – business model, logistics, talent management, and of course intellectual property

The Global Markets Advisory offering, provides a framework through the lens of ambition, opportunity, capability and leadership, allowing CEOs to debate approaches, share insights and understand the implications of international growth.

  • Provides a safe environment to explore and clarify hidden hopes and fears
  • Access a knowledge platform to learn transferrable lessons from firms operating in different sectors
  • Connect with strategy and market experts

Deloitte GMA Perspective

Five CEOs discuss their experience of the Global Markets Advisory offering

Jeff van der Eems, Group CEO of United Biscuits:
“I really enjoyed the Deloitte programme. International markets are fundamental to our growth plans, offering a disproportionate level of growth”

“The key learning from the GMAP is to be ambitious and ground that in the fundamentals of what it takes to make your business successful


Martin Gilbert, CEO of Aberdeen Asset Management:
“We have approximately $100bn of Assets Under Management invested in growth economies”

“I think that the programme is fantastic for CEOs who want to develop their skills and learn about emerging markets”


Richard Hodgson, CEO of Pizza Express:
“We are looking further afield of the UK so we can really grow our business, particularly in China”

“I feel that the programme has been very useful, particularly in the China market insights provided by our Deloitte mentor”


Edward Hayter, Senior Investment Director, LDC
“The Deloitte programme provided useful and relevant frameworks for developing thinking on the enablers and blockers of growing a business internationally. Our portfolio CEOs have found the programme very beneficial to better reflect on their international ambitions.”

Global Markets Advisory Format

The offering is especially suitable for ambitious CEOs of FTSE 250, regional, privately owned and PE-backed UK companies. It takes the form of a 24 hour executive workshop with quarterly follow-up advisory activities to help CEOs explore the growth barriers and enablers for success across key international markets.

Global Markets Advisory Framework

GMA format

Global Markets Advisory practice offering




CEO workshop

  • Two-day workshop exploring growth through the lens of Ambition, Opportunity, Capability and Leadership
  • An understanding of key enablers and blockers for strategic growth

Growth readiness diagnostic

  • High level diagnostic tool to help determine your company’s growth readiness
  • Identify key gaps for growth readiness
  • High level action plan to address identified gaps

Opportunity deep dives

  • Identify, qualify and prioritise strategic growth opportunities
  • High level plan of action on capturing a key growth opportunity

Capability assessment

  • Systematic review of current and future capability requirements and identifying gaps
  • High level plan to build capability in the business to support key growth ambitions

Board / management alignment

  • Board session to introduce GMA principles and align executive team around company ambition
  • High level action plan to address identified gaps