Virtual forum for HR leaders: Adapt today, thrive tomorrow

Welcome to the second series of our virtual forum for HR leaders where we will continue to discuss work, the workforce and workplace – following on from series one which took place from March to July 2020. We had a brilliant first season and are keen to bring the HR community together once more to share thoughts and ideas on the Future of Work.

We will run a live webinar every two weeks, and will discuss a range of topics based on what’s most important to organisations right now as HR priorities and areas of focus continue to shift.

Season 2: What’s coming up next?

Episode 1: Where are we now - time for the “Next Deal”?

A lot has changed since the last episode of season 1 back in July. As we move into a future with adaptability at its core, success rests on organisations being able to stand up, scale and support new capabilities at speed.

Speakers: Payal Vasudeva, Deloitte Partner and Future of Work Lead and Shivani Maitra, Deloitte Partner and Global Human Capital Growth Lead.

Wednesday 25 November, 10:00 GMT

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Episode 2: Workforce reskilling

As jobs are being re-imagined, augmented and automated it is essential to equip and empower the workforce to deliver in the future world of work. How can organisations best identify, nurture and build the critical skills and capabilities needed for the workforce to survive and thrive?

Speakers: Jonathan Eighteen, Director and EMEA Learning and Talent Advisory Lead at Deloitte, Davinder Kang, Senior Manager, Workforce Transformation at Deloitte.

Wednesday 9 December, 10:00 GMT

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Break for Christmas

Episode 3: High impact workforce

Achieving a high impact workforce centres around workforce architecture; creating a sustainable system where the organisation has a productive and resilient workforce ready to adapt and contribute value given any scenario. But what are the steps needed to achieve this and why is it vital in order to thrive in the new world of work?

Speakers: David Mallon, Vice President and Chief Analyst, Deloitte US.

Wednesday 20 January, 16:00 GMT

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Episode 4: Human centred transformation

Tremendous forces and disruptors have not only accelerated digital transformation, they have shifted organisational focus to place People at the core. Humans are now at the heart of successful and sustainable organisations, which makes ‘Human Centred Transformation’ a priority for HR and business leaders. How can you ensure your organisation is transforming with people at the centre? Our experts will discuss their views on this and why now is the time for HR to lean in.

Speakers: Kate Sweeney, Partner and Future of Work Lead at Deloitte and Rachel Charlton, Partner and Digital Change practice lead at Deloitte.

Wednesday 3 February, 10:00 GMT

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Episode 5: Future of the HR function

Disruptive forces are sharply changing how we live and work, creating an imperative for organisations to rapidly adapt. The future brings exponential expectations of HR beyond its roles of supporter, partner, and adviser to the business. Our experts will discuss how becoming an Exponential HR organisation requires a shift in mindset, tools and ways of working to lead organisations into a new world of work.

Speakers: Kara Latham-Saunders, Director, Human Capital Consulting at Deloitte, Melissa Bramwell, Director, Human Capital Consulting at Deloitte and Tom Dewaele, Global Head of Employee Experience at Unilever.

Wednesday 17 February, 10:00 GMT

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Episode 6: Future of benchmarking

Digital disruption and unpredictable environments are forcing a reinvention of HR. As business and talent models change, a new approach to HR metrics is required. Traditional benchmarking, developed when change was not as disruptive, no longer addresses the unique strategies, needs, and contexts of individual businesses. So what's next? This episode explores the limitations of traditional benchmarking practices and provides a path forward that combines the power of internal sensing and external comparisons to create a fuller, more forward-looking, data-driven understanding of your organisation and the world around it.

Speakers: Jeff Mike, Vice President and HR Research Leader, Deloitte US and Beth Ann Finis, Research Manager, Deloitte US.

Wednesday 3 March, 16:00 GMT

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Episode 7: Future of Workplace Experience

Now, more than ever before, the need for collaboration across the C-suite is crucial for businesses to thrive. In this episode we will look at Deloitte's Tech Trends, focusing on how digital experience and digital reality are driving the Future of Workplace Experience. Rebooting the digital workplace; striking the balance between digital and physical; leveraging diversity, equality, and inclusion are important topics which emphasise the symbiotic relationship between the CHRO and CIO. We are looking forward to bringing these two communities together to power the future of work.

Speakers: Will Gosling, Partner and UK Human Capital Consulting Leader, Mark Lillie, Partner and Global Tech Strategy and Transformation Leader at Deloitte, Payal Vasudeva, Deloitte Partner and Future of Work Lead and Noon Ali, Head of Digital Distribution at Lloyd's of London.

Wednesday 17 March, 10:00 GMT

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Episode 8: Employee experience

How do you bring the human experience to the forefront of your future focussed transformations? It's imperative that Employee Experience and Digital are not only considered when planning for the new world of work, but it's vital they are designed to elevate the human experience, to create positive and motivating work experiences for your workforce. Hear from our experts who will share their perspectives on enhancing the digital experience and what the future might hold.

Speakers: Rupert Darbyshire, Director, Future of Work and Telco, Media and Technology at Deloitte, Carmen Lothian, SVP People & Culture at Discovery Inc and Amone Gbedemah, Strategic Alliances at Workplace from Facebook.

Wednesday 31 March, 10:00 BST

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Bonus episode: How are organisations preparing for the Future of Work?

Given the acceleration of change driven by COVID-19 and the impact on Work, the Workforce and the Workplace, we are excited to be hosting a European-wide webinar to discuss how organisations and leaders across the C-suite are preparing for the Future of Work in the long-term. We will hear from a CEO, CIO and CHRO who will share their perspectives on this topic.

Speakers: Philippe Burger, Partner and Human Capital Consulting Lead at Deloitte France and Shivani Maitra, Partner and Global Human Capital Growth Lead at Deloitte UK.

Guest speakers: Ben Wishart, Global Chief Information Officer at Ahold Delhaize, Caroline Guillaumin, Head of Human Resources and Communications at Société Générale and Michel de Rosen, Chairman of the Board at Faurecia.

Wednesday 21 April, 10:00 BST

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Episode 9: Future of organisation design

How a business is organised is a source of competitive advantage, now more than ever. In this episode we will explore the latest trends in organisation design, how to gain valuable insight on how your organisation actually works and discuss how to create a ‘customer-centric and outcomes driven organisation’ which can unleash untapped workforce potential.

Speakers: Rajat Mathur, Partner, Operating Model and Organisation Design at Deloitte.

Wednesday 05 May, 10:00 BST

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Episode 10: Leadership

The disruption and uncertainty of the last 15 months has piled the pressure on leaders who have had to navigate BAU while also transforming their organisation, and at the same time deal with the impacts of COVID-19. In this episode we will discuss the characteristics that have differentiated good from great leaders and will share the frameworks we use to help leadership teams prioritise areas of focus, recognising the importance of self-care and resilience too.

Speakers: Tim Clayton-Ball, Partner and Head of Deloitte Leadership and Joanna Lockard, Senior Manager within Deloitte Leadership, Human Capital Consulting.

Wednesday 19 May, 10:00 BST

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Episode 11: Workforce Analytics

Accelerations in existing Future of Work trends and has brought about huge changes to our working lives over the last year and a half. Organisations have become increasingly aware that their workforce is their greatest asset, but the changing nature of work and the virtual working landscape has only made it harder to make business critical decisions on how to unlock the best value and unleash the true potential of the workforce. In this episode, we will discuss how organisations can use workforce analytics as the powerhouse to accelerate the journey from merely adapting, to thriving.

Speakers: Neera Ridler-Mayor, Director and People and Workforce Analytics Specialist at Deloitte, Michael Purdy Director and People and Workforce Analytics Specialist at Deloitte and Davinder Kang, Senior Manager, Workforce Transformation at Deloitte.

Wednesday 02 June, 10:00 BST

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Episode 12: Self Organising Mindset

In the digital economy an absolute growth mindset is required to meet the market challenges of today and beyond. As leaders endeavour to shape and deliver against their organisational strategies, enabling their execution teams to form and autonomously self-organise will be key to delivering and accelerating business value outcomes in months versus years. In this episode we’ll share client experiences of the self-organising mindset and will discuss how you can leverage these best practices and lessons learnt, which will have your transformations leaping out of the starting blocks and yielding the value your customers expect.

Speakers: Lisa Smith, Partner and UK Enterprise Agility Practice Lead at Deloitte

Wednesday 16 June, 10:00 BST

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Episode 13: Building the net zero workforce

The collective global focus and commitment to a net zero future has created a new opportunity for the Chief HR Officer. To continue to grow and thrive in the net zero future and deliver on their environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals, organisations will need to consider the work outcomes they deliver alongside the composition of their workforce to achieve this. Establishing and sustaining the net zero workforce with the right skills and capabilities will be of vital importance to an organisation’s ability to meet their legal, moral, social, environmental and commercial goals. Join us to gain insight into the key trends shaping the net zero workforce, what a net zero workforce is and how best to support this workforce of the future.

Speaker: Marc O’Connor, Energy, Resources & Industrials Consulting Leader at Deloitte

Wednesday 30 June, 10:00 BST

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Catch up on season 1

The Chief HR Officer was at the front-line of the organisational response to COVID-19. Season one of the CHRO webinar series, led by Will Gosling, UK Human Capital Consulting Leader, explored the implications of COVID-19 on work, workforce and workplace.

Listen to season one to hear from Deloitte experts and guest speakers about how HR was leading through this crisis, with particular reflections on: HR priorities; employment law and government guidance; reward and pay considerations; property and facilities; wellbeing.

Each session deep dived into specific topic areas across the Deloitte Resilient Leader Framework, outlining the challenges and opportunities across the three phases of COVID-19: Respond, Recover, Thrive.

Episode 9: The future of the workplace

Thursday 9 July; 10:00

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Episode 8: Human Capital Trends 2020

Friday 3 July, 10:00

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Episode 7: Crisis as a driver for Purpose and transformation

Friday 19 June, 10:00

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Episode 6: Performance management implications and enterprise reskilling

Friday 5 June, 10:00

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Episode 5: The future organisation and adapting business models

Friday 22 May

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Episode 4: De-hibernation and recovery planning

Thursday 7 May

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Episode 3: Implications on workforce planning and raising productivity through remote working

Friday 24 April

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Episode 2: The role of HR in crisis

Thursday 9 April

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Episode 1: The implications of COVID-19 on work, the workforce and workplace

Friday 27 March

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