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All aboard, digital pioneers!

Lucinda Clements has been working with Ada, the National College for Digital Skills, since its launch in September 2016 when it welcomed 60 new students. Here, she tells her story of how we’ve been helping the college in tackling the digital skills gap in the UK.

Driving change through education

"Ada teaches advanced digital skills, with a curriculum specifically designed to give the students the knowledge increasingly demanded by industry. Courses are built on innovative design principles, with the provision of high-quality teaching, practical experience and relevant career guidance all vital to student success. The college's broader mission is to use digital skills to drive social mobility, with a target of educating over 2,500 students by 2021 – half of whom will be women and half of whom will be from low-income households.

BrightStarts for Ada

"At the end of 2016, we signed an agreement with Ada to support the development of Ada's Higher Level Apprenticeship in Digital Innovation. The qualification seeks to provide all students with a solid foundation in the core knowledge and skills required to be an entry-level software developer. Those skills include programming, machine learning and artificial intelligence, 3D modelling and data analytics.

"Our work on the curriculum has supported Ada in attracting other industry partnerships, as well as helping secure the college’s Open University accreditation. We’ll start to send our BrightStarts on the newly designed programme from October 2017.

Laying the foundations for success

"Beyond this, the wider Deloitte team have piloted an innovative coaching programme, providing over 40 hours of coaching to Ada students to help them start their digital careers. And, to reinforce the college’s vision and introduce prospective students, we have partnered with Ada at national student recruitment, women in technology events and invited parents to the Deloitte offices to showcase careers in technology.

"Recently, we ran an innovative Internet of Things project for 50 students, helping them understand how technology can solve real-world problems. In only two and a half days, they built nine proofs of concept that could transform the way young people learn, including a virtual teaching assistant and a smartphone-based registration system.

"It's been great to support the development of the apprenticeship programme. Combined with the events, initiatives and making the most of the Deloitte brand, we have really helped Ada grow through the years and lay the foundations for a new type of education institution preparing young people, especially young women and those from tougher backgrounds, to succeed in their careers and lives more broadly."

MCA Awards

The Ada project has been shortlisted for the Management Consultancies Association’s 2018 Awards in the Social & Environmental Value category.

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