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Carey on agile working

Carey Stuart is a senior manager in our Audit & Assurance business and is based in Newcastle. When returning from maternity leave, she felt there was more we could do as a firm to create opportunities for those, like herself, who wanted to enjoy a healthy work-life balance while maintaining a fulfilling and challenging career in audit. Here’s how she’s helping others develop their careers by embracing agile working.

A new career avenue

“I felt there was a wealth of talent out there who had chosen not to pursue a career in audit due to personal circumstances. Developing a career as an auditor may not suit everyone, with frequent travel for various clients often being part of the job. I wanted to provide a rewarding and challenging career not only to other working mums but also to those with health issues and other personal commitments.

Fully supported by Deloitte’s commitment to agile working, I lead our audit Professional Standards Review (PSR) Centre of Excellence in Newcastle. The team provides independent quality and risk reviews to audit teams across the UK on a wide range of clients. This involves providing a final quality review for audit teams on deliverables ranging from statutory accounts to board reports. And it's all done in an office-based role, allowing my team to use their skills in a way that works for them.”

Making agile work for everyone

“As leader of the centre, I’ve focused on attracting, recruiting and retaining talented and dedicated people while maintaining a close-knit and supportive culture. I’m very proud to have seen the team grow from three to twenty-three in just eighteen months, and I truly believe it’s our ethos of respect, inclusion and trust that has made the centre a success. From a working mum who splits her time between office and home, to a fitness enthusiast who takes two days a week to look after his personal training clients, or a full-time manager who uses agile working to fit in with her needs during Ramadan – every member of the team embraces agile working in one way or another.

What’s really important to me is to lead by example: demonstrating to the team and the wider firm that it isn’t about time sat at a desk or online presence, but rather the quality of our output and the impact we make while we’re at work. Everyone has a different reason for using agile working – it’s not about who needs it most, it’s about making it work for everyone, regardless of why and when.”

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