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‘B’ is for better banking

In an increasingly competitive banking market, how do you stand out from the crowd? For independent banking group CYBG plc, the answer is ‘B’ – a mobile- and tablet-based banking app that makes it easy for people to manage their money in the digital age.

We started working with CYBG in October 2014 to create a service that would be relevant across the UK market and appeal to a new generation of digitally savvy customers. Find out how our Digital and Strategy & Operations teams worked with the CYBG teams to design a revolutionary service that rethinks banking from the customer’s point of view.

Better together

The teams created the dynamic feel of a start-up, moving software engineers, creative designers and banking product experts from both CYBG and Deloitte to a new building. B was tested at each stage of development, finding out from customers what they valued and what they didn’t.

The resulting product smoothly integrates the app and the bank branch, providing market-leading features based on innovative technology, such as fuzzy searches (using partial matches of data) that allow customers to look up all of their transaction history in real time. This same capability underpins a set of money-management tools that automatically categorise spend, allowing customers to analyse their spending habits and project future finances.

And B is more than just a clean interface: it also features technical integration with the contact centre for handling and evolving the product – so the service can continue improving based on customer feedback.

At the forefront of digital banking

CYBG successfully launched an online current account opening process in September 2015, which allows customers to open and use their accounts in less than 15 minutes. B was launched in April 2016 and the market reaction has been exceptional. Not only has B been recognised with a number of industry awards, it has also received market-leading levels of customer advocacy, positioning the bank at the forefront of the digital banking revolution.