Stories of our impact

Don’t preach, teach

When it comes to diversity in the workplace, it’s not all about setting quotas and making targeted interventions to attract a more diverse workforce. The very people you employ play an important part in creating a culture where everyone feels like there are no barriers to progressing in their careers.

Deloitte‘s diversity networks – both faith-based and non-religious – make an important contribution to building an inclusive environment for everyone who works here. Read about how the award-winning Deloitte Muslim Network supports practitioners at work, and plays a leading role in the UK’s Islamic business community.

Learning about Ramadan

Over the past year, the network has gone to great lengths to embed understanding and respect for Muslim colleagues in the business, holding a range of events for both Muslim and non-Muslim colleagues, including Arabic language classes and Islamic finance webinars. These inter-faith initiatives demonstrated that Deloitte can be a workplace that judges on merit – not faith or attire – and helped colleagues to build relationships outside of their usual social circles, as well as providing a safe forum for people to ask questions to dispel myths and misconceptions.

Particularly well received have been the network’s efforts in educating our people on the needs of Muslim clients and colleagues during the month of Ramadan. Simple recommendations have made the difference, such as hosting meetings earlier in the day and separate from catering, being respectful of fluctuating energy levels and prayer commitments, and being open to flexible working arrangements.

The network has also supported local communities by mentoring young people at The Prince’s Trust, a charity focused on helping 11 to 30-year-olds who are unemployed or struggling at school turn their lives around. This included Mosaic’s Enterprise Challenge, where students across the UK competed in an online business simulation game. We also partnered with The British Asian Trust on its ‘Mind, Body and Sew’ campaign empowering South Asian women back into employment.

Gathering beyond belief

The network has also played a leading role in the UK’s professional Islamic community, regularly hosting events with fellow networks and independent bodies. For example, members organised a popular collaboration evening in London with Muslim networks at EY, KPMG, PwC, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. It was a national first, with hundreds of attendees coming together from across the city to build relationships and share ideas for future opportunities – particularly to strengthen fellow faith networks in their infancy.

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