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Much ado about mobility

From ‘Billy’ bookcases to ‘Stillebäk’ rugs, IKEA has transformed our homes and the way we furnish them. With 14,000 people working in 389 stores across 48 countries, IKEA is now, without doubt, one of Sweden’s best-known exports. But with this success and rapid growth come challenges too, not least of which is the movement of talent across stores and territories – part of IKEA’s plans to instil a global mindset in its future leaders and create a consistent customer experience internationally.

Read about how we helped IKEA to redesign its mobility model to make it easier for its talented people to move around the world, complying with various tax and immigration regulations across multiple jurisdictions.

Working across borders

IKEA wanted to create a best-in-class mobility programme that would help it support its people’s development and ensure the business could continue to grow while maintaining its culture and values across geographies. IKEA came to us for help due to our experience in mobility services and our presence on the ground in all the right countries.

We first held a series of global workshops to break down the problem and understand the key risks and priorities. We then worked with the mobility, talent, HR, tax and finance teams from IKEA and with Deloitte colleagues around the world, from India to Russia, to design a mobility approach that was truly integrated. The solution addresses the tax, social security and immigration compliance considerations required to enable the swift and orderly movement of IKEA employees across borders.

Delivering the programme

The new programme was launched on 1 January 2017, and has laid the foundation for the ongoing development of IKEA’s business, making sure the right people are in the right place at the right time. Thanks to increased governance regarding the selection of talent and greater transparency of the costs involved in international assignments, IKEA can now offer a more seamless experience for its people working across borders.

What next? Our team of specialists will be working with IKEA on-site to ensure that the new approach is embedded successfully in the organisation and continues to align with the company’s business strategy.