Stories of our impact

Micro funding, macro dreams

Ever heard of Micro-Tyco? It’s a month-long business challenge where teams from schools and universities across the world compete to turn £1 of seed capital into as much money as they can. The competition helps participants discover their hidden talents by encouraging entrepreneurial thinking, resourcefulness and teamwork.

At Deloitte, several volunteers have been involved as mentors to young students, sharing their personal stories as inspiration and offering sound business advice. Talia Preda, a resourcing manager in HR, shares her experience as a Micro-Tyco mentor.

Believe in yourself

“This year, I was a mentor at three different schools in underprivileged areas, working with some 70 students on their ideas, and helping them to put those ideas into practice. We competed against 61 schools in Deloitte’s programme, and the results also get compared to other schools across the world taking part in Micro-Tyco. One of the teams I mentored came second overall globally - a tremendous achievement. What’s more, the students are all assessed by our recruitment team for the chance to come in for a week’s work experience.

The difference this competition made in some of the students was incredible. They became more positive, more ambitious and more confident to aspire to a career in business. Part of being a mentor was simply to tell them about my own journey into the corporate world. My career path wasn't always an easy one, so I’m living proof that you can do it if you work hard and really believe in yourself. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter where you come from; it’s your attitude and determination to reach your goals that count.

Fifty of my mentees joined the Deloitte work experience programme, giving them the chance to learn from our professionals and see what it’s like to work for a business like Deloitte. They can also apply for permanent roles here once they finish school through our graduate scheme.

More broadly, the money raised through the Micro-Tyco challenge goes to WildHearts, a charity that gives loans to female entrepreneurs in the developing world to help them set up businesses. I’m proud of Deloitte’s contribution to inspiring and investing in the next generation of potential leaders.”

A worthy cause

Deloitte partners with Micro-Tyco schools across the UK, helping over 800 pupils from low-income communities each year. High-performing students are invited to the Deloitte Summer Aspire programme, with subsequent opportunities to join either our BrightStart Higher Apprenticeship or gap-year scheme, with many also eligible for longer-term graduate opportunities. Over 200 Micro-Tyco students come through the Aspire programme each year. 

WildHearts invests the funds generated by Micro-Tyco in microfinance projects around the developing world, giving people the chance to work their way out of poverty with dignity. In 2016, the Deloitte Micro-Tyco schools programme contributed enough funds to help over 4,000 people.