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Ready for take-off

From engines and landing gear to mechanical and electrical components, the assembly of just one aircraft requires products and services from hundreds of different suppliers.

One such supplier is Rockford. As the UK’s largest independent provider of wiring, interconnect and system solutions to the defence, aerospace, marine and nuclear industries, Rockford is a big success story in UK aerospace. Working in partnership with companies such as BAE Systems and Thales, it supplies solutions to Boeing, GKN Aerospace, Airbus and the Ministry of Defence, amongst others. Find out how we’re helping it achieve its ambitious goals.

Sharing in growth

An important factor in Rockford’s success is the support it has received from the Sharing in Growth (SiG) programme. SiG is a government-funded performance improvement programme created to increase the productivity and competitiveness of selected UK aerospace and nuclear suppliers in their increasingly global markets.

It provides these businesses with tailored support in areas such as lean production systems, manufacturing capability, supply chain management, value improvement, strategy, finance and capability assessment – to help them reach their full potential.

In doing so, it safeguards manufacturing and engineering jobs, which are key to the UK’s future prosperity. With the aerospace industry expected to double in size over the next ten years, UK suppliers need to constantly invest in their ability to deliver competitive performance to maintain and grow their share of this global market.

Training for success

We are the delivery experts for SiG, and our team from our Financial Advisory, Risk Advisory and Consulting divisions has designed and delivered training for suppliers across three areas:

  • Business planning: improving their financial planning, leadership and governance, performance management, risk management and decision making.
  • Route to market: helping them decide which territories and markets to target and which products and services to compete in. Advising them on the best channels to reach the customers; deciding which value proposition to offer and the partnerships they should prioritise.
  • Export controls: increasing their awareness and understanding of the practicalities and legalities of international trade compliance.

Deloitte in the Midlands has been involved in SiG since its inception, and has provided training and support to more than 45 companies on the programme. We also helped SiG secure a second wave of funding, which will support a further 24 businesses.

Sharing in Growth CEO, Andy Page, says: “It is great to see ambitious companies like Rockford benefiting from the Sharing in Growth programme by improving their productivity and capability so that they are increasingly competitive and have the confidence to achieve their growth. Through sustainable improvements, companies on the programme have secured more than £2 billion in contracts – equivalent to more than 3,000 jobs in 2016, and well on target to safeguard 10,000 jobs by 2020.”

Peter Lion, Rockford’s managing director, adds: “As a delivery expert for SiG, Deloitte has been instrumental in improving our financial planning, performance management and decision making. This, along with invaluable advice on route-to-market and the export arena, has enabled us to win and retain over £50 million of tenders, and develop a business strategy to extend our market share by creating a new £20 million business unit providing integrating technology for systems solutions. Rockford has already increased the workforce by over 100 people, and as the business continues to grow this will only create more opportunities.”