Stories of our impact

SOS Deloitte

How do you get on with the business of serving your customers if your company is fighting a major crisis such as a cyber breach, product recall, or industrial accident? You have to investigate the issue, resolve it, and deal with the aftermath – while remaining focused on your continuing business operations and your customers.

When and where you need it

When faced with an unforeseen incident, companies often need increased operational capacity and surge support, as well as specialist crisis management expertise. Publicised crisis events can drive unprecedented levels of activity such as customer complaints, claims, or a requirement to process lots of data (customer files to identify lost data, for example). This can be overwhelming for a business, and if not dealt with effectively can further accentuate the crisis itself.

This was the challenge facing one of our major manufacturing clients. It has thousands of employees around the world, operations on multiple continents and features several household brand names amongst its products. Hit by a highly publicised fraud event, several million items of data in multiple languages needed to be reviewed as part of the investigation and legal proceedings. To meet the timelines imposed by regulators, Deloitte’s SOS team recruited and trained a team of over 60 contract associates with multiple language skills, housing them in one of our secure delivery centres, and providing all of the management and oversight required to run the review effectively. By using our SOS team as part of the crisis response, the client was able to scale a much larger operation than it could achieve on its own, and its employees were able to focus on the business’s future and financial recovery.

Time to recover

Our SOS model brings together all of the essential elements needed for operational crisis and incident support: people (experienced managers and contract associates); technology (hardware and bespoke case-management software); and established processes. Whether handling several thousand customer calls, building teams to review data or processing hundreds of complaint enquiries and claims, we look after the end-to-end operation throughout the crisis life-cycle. This lets our clients focus on their business, their brand and their customers, and, ultimately, emerge stronger from the crisis.