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Great to be green

Our new building is leading the way in wellbeing

There's been lots of talk about what both individuals and institutions can do to be more sustainable. Many of us are already taking small steps in our day-to-day lives, like bringing a reusable mug to our local coffee shop or carrying a tote bag for impromptu shopping.

This summer we opened the doors to our new flagship building in London, 1 New Street Square. It’s only fitting, therefore, that our home leads the way with some exceptional environmental and wellbeing standards and we are on track to be the first office fit-out in the UK to achieve both an ‘Outstanding’ accreditation under BREEAM, a globally-recognised environmental design rating system, and ‘Gold’ under WELL, a leading, new health and wellbeing focused method.

Planet first

Close to the hubbub of Fleet Street and the River Thames, our new building spreads across 15 floors on New Street Square. From LED lights throughout, to sensors that monitor how the building’s running, we’re totally focused on reducing our environmental footprint.

There are solar panels on the roof to top up with green electricity when the sun’s out. We have used local, natural materials for the fit-out as much as possible, and there is a huge wastewater recycling tank in the basement.

We’re getting rid of disposable plastic cups and have installed dedicated paper cup recycling facilities. We’re providing everyone with a personal reusable water bottle and travel cup. We’re also eliminating plastic straws and plastic milk sachets across our offices.

Well, well, well

Did you know your working environment can have a major impact on your health and wellbeing? Efficiency aside, our new building needs to be a fantastic environment for both our people and our guests.

We have enhanced the air quality, water quality and light levels within the office, and used natural barriers to reduce noise. Sensors monitor ten different environmental conditions at all times to keep people comfortable. To enable our colleagues to be more active we have introduced thousands of sit-stand desks, multiple stairwells, a new cycle space in the basement with 395 bays and a new gym in the works.

For when our staff need a break, there’s a terrace on the 12th floor overlooking the City, from St Paul’s cathedral to the Houses of Parliament, with plants that help the bees and your wellbeing. Restaurants and eateries stock a wide selection of healthy foods and drinks, while they can get a 3pm pick-me-up from one of the many coffee or tea bars.

It’s the small things

We’ve worked hard to create a work environment to be proud of. In an office serving over 5,500 of our colleagues, everyone taking small steps can make a big difference. It’s simple things like using our connective technology instead of travelling, using the canteen cutlery rather than plastic knives and forks, taking a moment to recycle correctly, or using the stairs instead of the lift if only travelling a floor or two.

How will you make a difference to our planet today?


Will Black

HR, Talent and Restructuring Public Relations Manager

+44 (0)20 7007 8242

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