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Building cyber defences - for us and our clients

Cyber crime is a borderless threat to all businesses regardless of their size, industry or location, and is at the forefront of all executive’s minds. Over half of large UK businesses suffered a cyber attack in the past year, and almost a quarter of businesses don’t think their cyber security solutions are fit for their needs. At Deloitte, we’re continually reviewing and improving our cyber services, bringing in the best talent to protect our clients and their customers.

This year we’ve expanded the scale and range of solutions in our UK cyber practice, with plans to grow the business to 500 people by the end of 2018. We appointed Rob Wainwright, the former Executive Director of Europol, as a partner to co-lead our North West Europe cyber team in March this year. Over nine years, Rob helped transform Europol into the leading European security institution on cyber crime, terrorism, financial crime and other threats.

In addition to making key new hires, this year our teams have developed a comprehensive data breach service for clients. This provides surge capacity[1], including response specialists, technical resources, infrastructure, and rapid customer notification in the event of an incident. This was complemented by a new methodology that protects an organisation so the most critical assets are safeguarded during an attack.

We’re a key partner in the London Office for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement (LORCA), which launched this year. LORCA is a UK Government-funded organisation that aims to nurture the next generation of cyber security companies.

Women in Cyber

The industry is facing a growing global shortage of cyber security professionals and women remain underrepresented in the workforce worldwide. To help organisations bridge this gap, we launched a Women in Cyber initiative across Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). This initiative started in the UK in 2015, and is now bringing clients, colleagues and experts across EMEA to promote gender diversity in the cyber security industry by initiating dialogue, creating awareness and fostering a community that inspires female talent to pursue a career in cyber.

Responding to our own cyber challenges

When it comes to cyber crime, no one is immune, and in 2017 Deloitte suffered an incident. In response, we put in place our comprehensive security protocol and brought together a team of cyber security and privacy experts inside and outside of Deloitte. No disruption occurred to client businesses, or to our ability to continue to serve clients. Given the evolving and persistent nature of cyber crime, we are continually reviewing and enhancing our cyber security and ensuring that our defences are best in class.

Nearly every company is now a technology company at its core, so managing cyber risk is not an ‘IT problem’ but an enterprise-wide responsibility. By being secure, vigilant and resilient, today’s companies can best prevent and respond to attacks and we are proud of our efforts to help them achieve this goal.

[1]Surge capacity is the ability to meet sudden and unexpected demands on a business’s resources.


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