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New Government authority to secure fair trade for the UK

One of the most significant issues in the Brexit debate has been the UK’s future global trading relationships and what this means for UK business, particularly manufacturers.

We worked with the Department for International Trade (DIT) on the creation of a new authority designed to protect domestic manufacturers from unfair global trading practices, such as dumping and subsidies.

Just the remedy

The new Trade Remedies Authority (TRA) is a key aspect of the Government’s work to ensure the integrity of the global rules-based trading system. It will play a vital role in maintaining the UK’s economic interests abroad.

Amongst its powers are recommending new measures for the protection of domestic industries, and investigating cases of unfair trading practices and unforeseen surges in imports that could hurt UK businesses.

Our responsibility was to ensure the TRA’s staff are comprehensively trained to conduct trade remedies investigations. Working alongside a team from the DIT, we developed and delivered an intensive technical training programme and wide range of process and guidance materials to support the new organisation’s operations.

Intensive training

The six-week programme we designed for newly recruited TRA staff covers core technical skills and insights in trade remedies as well as wider accounting, legal and economic skills. The feedback from the participants was positive, with 100 per cent of the cohort rating the training as “good” or “excellent”.

To make it all happen, the team brought together subject matter experts from multiple disciplines across the our UK network in the UK and further afield.

Ben Powell, our lead partner for the TRA, said: “This is the model Deloitte project to lead – a massively diverse set of skills brought to solve the client’s challenge, an intensive timeframe within which to deliver and the whole team working highly collaboratively towards a common purpose.”

Amanda Brooks, the DIT's director for trade remedies, access and controls said "From the outset, the Deloitte team threw itself into the project and made it happen. They were highly collaborative, totally dedicated and focused, very flexible and adaptable, and innovative in meeting challenges along the way.”

“Well done – you have taken an anxious and demanding group, converted them to your knowledge and style and taught us all a huge amount. Thank you.”

Participant, TRA

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