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Broadening perspectives on Twitter with Diversify Your Feed

Women of Silicon Roundabout is a two-day event designed to amplify female voices in technology. As sponsor of the event in 2018, it gave our experts the opportunity to do something to get conference-goers talking about gender diversity.

With a blank canvas plus the combined talents of Deloitte Digital and our creative agency Acne, anything was possible. Just weeks after the first brainstorming session, and thanks to a 24-hour hackathon, Diversify Your Feed was born.

An algorithm-powered website, it analyses the gender of people you follow on Twitter, rates the diversity of your feed and suggests options for broadening your perspective. It then invites you to share your score – and continue the conversation – using the hashtag #DiversifyYourFeed.

17,000 people in 45 countries

The site was unveiled at the conference in June 2018. And something created for an event attracted 4,000 unique visitors on day one, and soon reached 17,000 people in 45 countries.

Influencers including Annie Parker, Microsoft’s Global Head of Start-ups, and advertising guru Cindy Gallop, who has 68,000 followers, shared their results. The tool was also profiled by marketing news source AdAge and tech website Product Hunt.

On the extraordinary impact of #DiversifyYourFeed, Deloitte Digital Senior Manager Tanu Mohan said, “We thought it might create a bit of a buzz among the people who attended the conference and their followers, but when it was picked up in Australia and the US, we were pleasantly surprised! We had a minimal budget and no marketing spend – it was very much a labour of love”.

"It leaves you with a feeling of empowerment. From a small brainstorming session on a regular Tuesday afternoon, we were able to help people see that there’s more than one perspective. We’re proud that something so small is making a big difference."

Sari Morein, Acne’s Head of New Business

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