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OGUK is the leading representative body for the UK offshore oil and gas industry, with the role of informing, engaging and championing the industry as part of a diverse energy mix.

Following on from Deloitte’s ongoing involvement in the well- established UKCS Upstream Supply Chain Collaboration Survey, the team were engaged to support the creation, launch and delivery of a new study, with the aim of understanding Data & Digital Maturity of the entire UK oil & gas sector, with the study supported by number of cross-industry partners.

The study would encompass a wide variety of organisations, from the operator ‘supermajors’, to both large and small supply chain companies and SMEs, with the aim of collecting a single organisational response from as many organisations as possible.

How we helped

An online survey was designed to question organisations’ attitudes, progress and challenges across four key areas of digital – data, technology, innovation and people & culture. There was also a particular desire to understand the relative maturity of operators vs the supply chain, the drivers behind digital transformation, and the key barriers preventing progress.

Following the survey launch, which was supported by a number of industry press releases, over 70 organisations’ responses were collected, encompassing all of the major operators and supply chain companies in the UK sector. A number of follow-up interviews with both large and small organisations were held to further understand the data, and capture additional narrative to support production of the study report.

Following analysis of the results, and inclusion of secondary research topics, the study report was completed, and presented at an industry wide webinar, with over 150 attendees. 

One of the key findings from the report highlighted data as the most important value driver – most organisations were investing in digital to ensure better access to data, better data quality and to increase the insight gained from data.

However, although importance of data was clear, there was a significant gap between the trust that organisations had in internal vs. external data, re- affirming the need for the industry to become more collaborative in their digital transformation journeys.

The operators emerged as key influencers in driving digital into the supply chain, leading to insights into how supply chain members should position themselves, given varying levels of digital maturity in both groups.

Innovation (the process by which new digital initiatives are nurtured) was widely discussed too. It was recognised that although the presence of an innovation process is a strong indicator of digital maturity, over half of organisations do not have one in place

Following the publication of the study, an industry working group has been established to begin implementation of a number of initiatives based on the findings of the survey, marking the start of an exciting new phase for the industry.

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