Making capital work


Making capital work

Unlocking cash through cross-collaboration

Working capital management has never been so important for building contractors, as fierce competition, reducing advanced payments and rising commodity prices continue to squeeze margins across the construction sector.

How can contractors achieve fast, yet sustainable improvements in working capital, whilst still supporting the wider supply chain?

7 ways to unlock cash from the balance sheet

Drawing on best practice in construction and comparable sectors, this paper examines how to achieve the right level of working capital in this challenging market - understanding and managing what really drives performance, and breaking out of a ‘Finance’ mind set to energise the whole organisation and beyond.

Topics include:

  • What does ‘good’ working capital performance look like in this market?
  • 7 ways to unlock cash from the balance sheet, including working capital policy, major project cash flow forecasts, supply chain finance, customer contract templates, structured dispute management, design variation control and proactive cash collection.
  • Where to start?
  • How to deliver sustainable performance improvement.

This is the second paper in Deloitte’s ‘Attack the Flat’ series (2013), exploring the key strategies for contractors adapting to succeed in the challenging construction market. Read the first paper, 'Foresight to navigate the turbulent construction industry'.

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Making capital work
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