Mastering the people side of operational readiness


Mastering the people side of operational readiness

Operation go-live!

Up to 30% of the value of a capital programme can be destroyed due to operational readiness failures.

How can early and iterative readiness planning, testing and exercising help to deliver a seamless operation from day 1?

Achieving operational readiness in capital projects is complex, high profile and a major consideration even from the early stages of a programme.  

Yet traditional approaches to readiness planning often do not go far enough in addressing the human factor so critical to go-live success.

Innovative techniques, insights and key success factors

Drawing on recent success stories, including the London 2012 Games, our latest capital projects report explores mastering the people side of operational readiness, including:

  • Innovative techniques in experiential learning and exercising 
  • What we can learn from the military? 
  • How early should readiness planning start?
  • Key success factors in achieving operational readiness in capital projects.

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Operation go-live!

In the complex interplay between technology, infrastructure and process, it is often the 'people' side of delivering the operation that presents the greatest challenge.

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