Digital Capital Projects

A truly digital capital project is more than simply the use of technology in delivering a project. It represents a fundamental shift in how a project is designed, constructed, operated and decommissioned.

Digital transformation

Digital leaders are beginning to demonstrate up to 30% productivity increases through fundamental shifts in business and operational processes, however, the digital transformation journey for capital project organisations is complex, with numerous barriers to overcome.

One of these significant barriers is the ‘digital deluge’ – the overwhelming landscape of digital technologies, methodologies and terminology. For many organisations, this results in developing a digital transformation roadmap that is unbalanced, often overly focussed on solutions rather than problems, or too scattered to make a genuine impact. We have supported numerous global organisations in delivering end-to-end digital transformations, including:

  • Data & Digital Strategies
  • Transformation Roadmaps
  • Digital Initiative Prioritisation
  • Digital Operating Models
  • Technology Implementation
  • Digital Control Tower
  • Innovation Process Implementation
  • Digital Culture Change

Understanding the dimensions of digital maturity

From our work with programmes globally across the entire capital project sector we have distilled digital transformation into a successful outcome that can be characterised very clearly and simply through four dimensions:

  • A digital mindset that permeates teams, culture and behaviours within capital projects.
  • A data-driven approach that runs through everything and everyone in the project.
  • An innovation process that tests the value and opportunities of technology in an ongoing way, backed by a sustainable strategy that recognises the evolving nature of technology.
  • An approach to prioritising and deploying technology, with continuous learning and iteration at its heart, supported by a trusted network of technology partners.

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Key contacts

Guri Neote

Guri Neote


Guri leads Deloitte’s Digital Programme capability within the Major Programmes business in Human Capital. He has over 15 years of international experience in delivering capital projects and operationa... More

Marc O'Connor

Marc O'Connor


Marc leads Deloitte's Capital Projects consulting business globally and the Energy, Resources & Industrials sector in UK Consulting. He is a partner in the Major Programmes business in Human Capital. ... More

Ed Lambourn

Ed Lambourn


Ed is a Manager within Deloitte’s Capital Programmes team. Ed specialises in supporting clients in Digital Transformation, across data and digital strategies, technology implementation, innovation, an... More