Operational Readiness

Major infrastructure change is complex by nature, and can have a significant impact to existing operations. Operational Readiness enables operators to act early to minimise disruption, effectively embed new infrastructure within their organisation, and optimise operations to ensure the benefits from investment are realised.

Preparing for success

Our approach to operational readiness considers the impact of incoming projects on the customer, assets and workforce. By using advance analytical techniques, it can deliver meaningful insights and forecasts to decision makers, and facility the close integration of project delivery and operations.

We believe that integrated operational planning throughout the delivery lifecycle is essential to enable organisations to forecast, plan and effectively navigate change aligned to strategic objectives.

Through our in-depth understanding of major programmes, advanced analytical techniques and our Operational Readiness framework, we can work with you to ensure maximum return and sustainability of benefits in the long term.

Our Principles

Start from day 1

Operational Readiness can’t be something left to the dying days of the delivery programme. Effective Operational Readiness is considered, and planned for, from Day 1.

Bring Operations in the room

The best people to understand the impact on operations are those currently managing it. Operational SMEs should be embedded in the team, while staying connected to operations.

Agree Readiness criteria

Whether based on risks, aspirations or impact mitigation, criteria for what constitutes “readiness” should be clearly defined and agreed up front.

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Key contacts

Thomas Redway

Thomas Redway


Tom is a Partner in Deloitte’s Capital Programmes team. He has over 20 years’ experience on large scale and complex programmes across a range of industries with a focus on the public sector. Tom works... More