Sustainable Capital Projects

Sustainability is the new normal. The capital projects industry accounts for circa 50% of carbon emissions, and therefore wields a huge influence and mandate to re-write our future climate outcomes. The challenge for capital project organisations is how to harness existing and future sustainability improvements that can be systematically embedded across the lifecycle.

Capital project organisations have a uniquely large impact on the climate crisis, with considerable influence on the success of local and global net zero goals. They have the capability and mandate to literally ‘rewrite the future’ of sustainability.

A sustainable capital project is one that pursues reduction goals for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and other finite resources, and one that leaves a positive legacy impact on GHG emissions, resource use and biodiversity.

Our Capital Projects, Sustainability and Climate Change experts help organisations to imagine, deliver and run their Sustainable Capital Project Lifecycle (SCP Lifecycle), working in partnership to:

  • Get started with Net Zero and embed the ‘Sustainable Capital Project (SCP) Lifecycle’: Deloitte’s dedicated Sustainability and Climate Change team work with our capital project specialists to define what the SCP Lifecycle means for your organisation, and to help set the right sustainability goals
  • Integrate sustainability across the organisation: The Capital Projects team at Deloitte has over 20 years’ experience in helping clients deliver capital projects. We will help you plan and implement a roadmap to achieving your Net Zero targets applying our skills to provide advice and assurance at every step of the SCP Lifecycle, from business case development to decommissioning
  • Become an industry leader in sustainability: Sustainability is a journey and progress will need to be monitored in the changing context of global trends. Deloitte are at the forefront of cutting edge research to help our clients understand and prepare for the impact of these changes

Get in touch with one of our Sustainable Capital Projects Leaders to find out more.