I made it happen

Making ideas happen is tough; it takes confidence, discipline and passion. It’s not always easy, but is it worth it?

'I made it happen' celebrates those who are leading innovation projects and making new ideas happen. Below you will find personal accounts from our people at Deloitte who are turning their ideas into reality. They did it – you can too! Explore the ideas we have invested in, the ways they can solve our client challenges and the opportunities they offer our people to build new skills.

Deanna Lloyd: Employee Value Index

Why did you make it happen? 

"I’ve learnt from this experience that I thrive off continuous change. As a senior consultant, I never thought I would be building a business within the firm."

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Gaya Sarin

Vincenzo Opeka: BEAT

Why did you make it happen?

"It was a chance to shape a new product from its inception. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take something new and exciting to our clients."

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James Broadfield: L3

Why did you make it happen? 

“It’s a product I’ve wanted to build since I began working in location analytics, as I could see the potential it had to disrupt the market. So when I saw the opportunity, I just couldn’t turn it down.”

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James Broadfield

Gaya Sarin: Big Data for Social Good

Why did you make it happen? 

"I believe social impact work is really important to younger talent. If you have two similar companies, and one gives you the opportunity to do work that makes a real social impact, the choice is easy."

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