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Engaging the crowd to deliver better, faster, cheaper outcomes

In a market where disruption prevails, views on careers and employment are changing and pressure to do more with less is increasing, businesses are looking for innovative ways to deliver and engage talent. Pixel, Deloitte’s Enterprise Crowdsourcing capability, engages the power of the crowd to help Deloitte and our clients meet this challenge.

Working in the crowd

Why Enterprise Crowdsourcing and why now?

Global markets are increasingly disrupted, the pace of change is advancing and there is pressure to do more with less.

This together with other complex factors including connectivity, new attitudes to work and Automation (Robotics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence) is driving changes to organisational structures, ways of working and talent engagement.

The conclusion? Future workforces will be very different to those of today.

At Deloitte, we believe we can leverage Enterprise Crowdsourcing (the application of crowdsourcing concepts to a business context) and Automation to aid both us and our clients respond positively to disruption and create agile and successful future organisations.

What is it like working with the crowd?

We work in small crowds every day - our teams, where our shared goals make us collaborative and effective. But sometimes we don't have the skills or expertise needed, so we reach out to a larger crowd - our company. Here there are many competing goals and objectives, with some services dealing with high demand. As a result, we're sometimes unable to access the right skills at the right time.

Now consider the 3.4 billion internet connected population. Imagine what can be achieved by tapping in to this vast population in the right way to engage the skills we need when we need them.

Enterprise Crowdsourcing is the solution.

As people self-select into crowd communities, which are incentivised in meaningful ways, they provide a workforce that:

  • Is extremely flexible and scalable
  • Is available on demand
  • Is outcome-focussed and highly motivated
  • Has an extremely diverse skills mix

What can the crowd help with?

  • Knowledge & Expertise

    In the Knowledge and Expertise space, we gather customised crowds of experts that have particular and proven knowledge, experience or skills to apply their collective or individual intelligence to complex challenges for example:

    • Benchmarking
    • Scenario planning
    • Expert interviewing / insight
    • Country / market analysis
    • Customer insight
  • Ideation & Creativity

    In the Ideation and Creativity space, we might need to find the most talented designer to help with a video or illustration, or perhaps ask communities of experts from different fields to problem-solve a complex manufacturing issue. This can be summarised as:

    • Idea generation
    • Content, image or video curation
    • Concept development and testing
  • People & Process

    In the People and Process space, many hands make light work. From simple repetitive tasks to gathering customer experience or market data or helping to train machine learning processes.

    • Data collection and enhancement
    • Data management and cleanse
    • Language translation
    • Machine learning
  • Technology & Data Science

    In the Technology and Data Science space, we can access talented designers, developers and data scientists, exactly when we need them. Together, they bring fresh and diverse perspectives to a specific challenge like:

    • UI / UX design
    • Rapid prototyping
    • Functional, UI & security testing
    • Algorithm optimisation
    • Predictive analytics

How Deloitte can help

Recognising the opportunity offered by Enterprise crowdsourcing we set up opportunities to deliver new and improved outcomes for our clients. Deloitte Pixel understands what it is like to work with the crowd and so opens up opportunities to deliver new and improved outcomes for our clients. There are hundreds of different crowd communities, which we break into four domains, as highlighted above in What can the crowd help with?

The key to success is matching the right communities with the right challenges, whilst remembering that the crowd won’t always be the right answer.

Deloitte Pixel has been running projects to understand:

  • which crowd communities can best tackle different types of challenge
  • the legal considerations and risks associated with more complex crowd engagements

Deloitte Pixel has also built relationships with the communities to make working with them easy.

Deloitte Pixel offers three services designed to address your different crowd needs

Pixel advisory: helping our clients engage the crowd

We understand how crowdsourcing can transform companies, helping to scale the business and respond to market demand, develop compelling new offerings, and deliver better, faster or cheaper results.

Successfully embracing crowdsourcing isn’t straightforward. Switching from playing around the edges to embedding it as part of a core business process or delivery will take commitment, time and investment. For example:

  • In the same way it often requires overhead to setup and manage an offshore or outsourced team, the crowd represents a different kind of remote connection, which needs investment to successfully enable it.
  • Some aspects of delivery may increase in cost. The governance required and use of additional parties may initially require more project management than usual and/or changes to physical systems and structures or the acquisition of new licenses or framework agreements.

Deloitte Pixel can help with all of this and more:

Rapid opportunity assessment: Help you to understand crowdsourcing and rapidly assess your business to determine how to best engage the crowd and achieve strategic goals

Business case development: Develop robust business cases for driving the integration of crowdsourcing into your operating model

Piloting and prototyping: Select vendors and develop and test working relationships with those you choose

Operating model design: Understand the operational changes required to successfully set up a crowdsourcing capability and integrate it into your operating model

Pixel as a service: Leveraging Pixel’s experience to solve one-off problems

Where you want to use the crowd, but don’t have an in house capability, or want to work with Deloitte but don’t have the budget for a traditional engagement, Pixel have developed packaged service propositions, which are fast, repeatable and scalable. We currently have two offerings:

  1. Rapid prototyping and design
  2. Real-time data gathering and customer insight

We’re always developing new services looking for new use cases, if you think you have one let us know

Pixel Embedded: Crowdsourcing? it’s just part of the way we work

At Deloitte our focus is on helping our clients to solve their largest and most complex problems. We see crowdsourcing as part of the solution and we’re working to make it part of how we deliver. Complex projects and programmes, like puzzles, have many interlocking elements which form the whole. The value that Deloitte brings is in delivering the whole. Deloitte Pixel can own or support clearly defined programme elements, help scale the team on demand, inject creativity, provide specific expertise, accelerate delivery and deliver cheaper.

To ensure we achieve usable and useful outcomes from the crowd Deloitte Pixel follows a well-defined process:

Break the challenge down & identify the pixels the crowd can tackle: Here we define clear project success criteria, define how the output will be used and integrated back into the wider project.

Match the right community with the right pixel: There are often multiple communities which provide similar services, our experience helps us identify the one most suited for each project

Integrate the crowd output back in to the wider project: This ensures that whether we are working directly with you, or helping deliver a complex Deloitte programme, we deliver a consistent end result, which has been enhanced by the crowd.

Pixel and the crowd

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