Connect the best of both worlds


Traditional logic says you can’t be big and agile, global and local, multi-disciplined and specialist, fast growing with mature resilience, and have a start-up mindset with purpose at your heart. We say you can and the FinTech sector embraces all these things.

At Deloitte, we help our clients change the way they see the world, change the way they work in the world and change the world they see.

We disrupt conventional thinking and champion the power of collaboration and connectivity. We are a community of technical specialists, strategic thinkers and creatives, that are proud to be part of a global network.

A powerful, influential partner with a start-up mindset. Someone eager to push boundaries, drive financial change and tackle the big questions. Who also has the connections, expertise, and case studies to back it up. Bridging across the ecosystem and connecting the best of both worlds.

How we can help FinTechs

Just starting out

If you feel split between trying to make your product or service the best it can be and organising the fundamentals for launch, you don't have to.

We can manage and prepare all the commercial, regulatory, and quality decisions whilst also making things like your tax structure and customer experience work better.

Gearing up for scale

You've made it. You've grown your business and your team and secured investment. Now you're entirely focused on the next phase of growth. So, what next?

We can help by checking your supply chains are resilient and your next fund injection is fully scoped. Ensuring your infrastructure, technology, and IP is protected and ready to scale. Your culture is aligned and your market entry strategy is tested.

Seen it all before

For longer-term strategies, you may be thinking about your inorganic growth. Where do you want to play and how to win. Figuring out how you'll integrate new assets into your existing operations and what funding you need to keep you on track.

Together, we can plan your five-year vision and strategy, covering tricky areas like digital marketing and web3, M&A and partners, corporate governance, and solid exit planning.

Heritage businesses who are FinTechs at their heart

With increasing customer expectations and the faster technology innovation, established businesses need to adopt new ways of working and seek ways to leapfrog the status quo making the most of their part in the FinTech ecosystem.

We undoubtedly already know you and your strengths and together we can help you find the ‘Upside’ in partnering or acquiring FinTech capabilities and how in collaboration we can create the future of financial services.

Organisations who are there to expand their ecosystem

To help fuel hubs and ecosystems, we work closely with regional government and local councils to develop and execute strategies that connect FinTechs, academia and heritage financial service organisations to ensure FinTech hubs thrive.

Whether securing investment or attracting new talent, our team's ecosystem expertise can help provide ongoing education and support wherever you are.

Some of the challenges we help solve

How do you continue to earn investment but still plan your own exit?

For scaling businesses like yours, you'll need the right mix of funding to make the best return.

But which financing path is right for you? Where are you in your growth cycle? Are you thinking of going public? And when you do, how will you maximise your shareholder value?

We can help you take the proper steps toward sustainable growth and prepare your business for future valuation.

How do you maintain your business's value whilst also selling your shares?

Planning how to leave your company in advance could save you a lot of money in the long run. From PE to SPACs, trade sales or stock markets, there are a lot of factors to consider.

Still, it's important to know some common principles cover the basics and mean you won't be left feeling short-changed.

Working alongside your teams, we can help you identify the pitfalls. Providing you with the right support and guidance at every stage.

How do you keep more of the people you want working for you?

Attracting and retaining top talent is tough for smaller FinTech firms. Bigger players seemingly hand-pick the best, but can these companies keep up with a workforce that increasingly seeks purpose and cultural fit?

Your advantage is your flexibility and what you stand for, so this is where the design of your employee packages' matters and organising the right balance of rewards can support the business you want to be.

Competitive pay, stocks and shares, pensions, benefits, wellness, and international mobility are all part of the blend we can advise on.

How does your business start to break into new markets?

International expansion can be crucial for maintaining growth and gaining new customers, but it is easier said than done.

The to-do list is almost endless. Cultural differences, legal and regulatory barriers, foreign government and tax regimes, employment contracts and compensation.

As a global partner, we can help make the process far less of a headache by forecasting potential issues and streamlining your plans.

How do you manage constantly evolving legal rules and regulations?

Investment in FinTech is booming, and London is a hotspot. With technologies like AI, cryptocurrencies, blockchain and open banking setting the pace.

But, as software, hardware, networks, telecoms, data, marketing, and consumer rights merge in new and exciting ways, so will new legal and regulatory risks.

Strong partnerships will be vital to maintaining momentum, and our global network is here to support you as change happens.

The people who help make it happen

Louise Brett

Vice Chair; FinTech & Financial Services Innovation Leader

Adam Sokratous

FinTech Commercial Director & Sector COO

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