Who codes the world? (Girls)

Tech is booming, yet according to a recent report by Tech Nation, women represent just 19% of the UK technology workforce. By not having women in tech roles, not only do we leave out half of our population from in demand, self-fulfilling, and well-paid jobs, but we also stifle economic growth and remove women from being decision makers in key global industries.

Whether it’s through our people or the products that we build, diversity and inclusion is at the heart of how we approach innovation in a fairer, more equitable way. As part of this, we wanted to ally with organisations who make gender equality their battle cry.

Code First Girls works with companies and individuals to help improve diversity in technology careers by offering free training to young women. Since 2013, they’ve helped teach over 20,000 women to code for free. Their programmes develop both technical and personal skills and connect young women to mentors within a range of industries.

Our teams in Consulting and Financial Advisory were eager to collaborate with Code First Girls on their mission. Together, we delivered an eight-week course, leveraging our people’s own skills and experience – including our UX designers and researchers. Over a third of the team volunteered in some way to run the course, upskilling 70 young women over 3 cohorts.

I’ve enjoyed challenging myself during the networking sessions and building up my confidence. Having gained basic coding skills thanks to this course, I’ve been selected to join a Python training programme run by my university. This will enable me to have a better understanding of data analysis, which has always been one of my main goals and hopefully my ticket to joining the UK's tech workforce.

- Antonella Amaccianti, Code First Girls Student

Sharing with young women, like Antonella, the knowledge that will help her make her mark in this world brings an amazing sense of pride and achievement to our Ventures teams. Our belief is that, with the likes of Code First Girls, we can close the gender gap once and for all. Because ultimately, we all know who really runs the world!

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