Third Eye Intelligence

The pitch

"85 Million patients are admitted to intensive care units (ICUs) annually and despite treatment, up to 84% of deaths are attributed to organ failure. To give these patients a fighting chance, we created a cutting-edge AI-powered early warning system for organ failure that creates a digital twin of the patient to predict their future. Unlocking early intervention and accelerated recovery."

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How we’re working together

Sam (Founder, Third Eye Intelligence) is a real visionary when it comes to the future of healthcare and we wanted to help empower him by giving him mentorship and support. We’ve been helping Third Eye Intelligence generate insights on potential market demand, including key value drivers for their potential customers, as well as providing coaching on designing customer trials and go-to-market approaches.

There is great potential in the technology that Third Eye Intelligence are looking to develop, and this could have a really positive impact for the Public Health and Private Health organisations that we work with, and society as a whole.

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We asked some of the startups we work with to share what a collaboration with Deloitte Ventures really feels like. Hear from Sam Tukra, Founder & CEO at Third Eye Intelligence, on the importance of collaboration to help shape the future of business.

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