Brexit preparedness

"Turbo-charging" no-deal preparations

The United Kingdom is set to leave the European Union on 31 October. With the UK Government stating it is ‘turbo-charging’ its own no-deal preparations, organisations should do the same.

We are supporting clients with Brexit planning and readiness to respond to the Day 1, and beyond, impacts of a no-deal Brexit. Our expertise will help you boost your preparations and mitigate impacts quickly.

With the clock ticking to 31 October, there are three specific interventions we can facilitate:

Validate your no-deal plans

Your no-deal Brexit plans, however advanced they are, should be taken through a validation process. The UK Government, European Commission and EU 27 countries have published a series of papers which contain useful planning assumptions for a no-deal scenario. The Confederation of British Industry has also released 200 recommendations for Brexit no-deal readiness, saying it is time to escalate preparation.

We can check your plans against the assumptions and make recommendations relevant to your business and identify gaps. The validation can be a desktop review or a no-deal validation workshop, (or a combination of both). The workshop brings a cross-functional team from your organisation together with Deloitte subject matter experts (e.g. supply chain, HR, regulation, legal and tax) to identify gaps and improvements.

Develop your communication plan

Communication will be key over the coming months, whether to governments, to your suppliers and customers or to your employees and investors.

We can help you develop a comprehensive communication plan that will maintain stakeholder confidence and ensure critical issues are quickly escalated. By working with you, we will identify the key stakeholders, what they need or want to know, when and how you will communicate and ensure this is properly coordinated across your organisation.

Ramp up your readiness to respond

Some disruption is inevitable and will require dynamic leadership and management to prevent isolated issues from escalating into uncontained crises.

We can help you establish the right response structure, information and escalation flows so issues are dealt with quickly. Rehearsing scenarios through simulated exercises will increase confidence in how to manage a potential crisis and provide comfort in knowing that you will have the right people in the right place at the right time.

Contact one of our team to discuss how we can support you with Brexit no-deal preparations.

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