Deloitte Legal Ventures

Re-imagining how lawyers engage with early stage companies.

What is Deloitte Legal Ventures?

A programme in which we team up with start-ups and early-stage ventures to rapidly accelerate the testing, validation and launch of new technology products and services, quickly and cheaply through experimentation.

How it works.

Deloitte Legal will become a user of the products and services offered by the cohort of start-ups, working in partnership to test compelling use cases that could drive significant benefits to the way our legal teams work.

Benefits of the programme.

Complex buying processes in large corporates can mean start-ups go out of business by the time a decision to proceed is made. For the people navigating the process internally it can be equally complex to get clear decisions and test value. We aim to streamline this process and increase transparency – meaning early feedback and scaling opportunities for start-ups, and access to the latest legal technology for us.

Our focus.

To develop long-term, meaningful relationships with the technology start-ups that are changing the way the world thinks about legal services.

Cohort One

We analysed nearly 400 pre-seed to Series A companies to hand-select 14 companies to form our first cohort. These companies operate in areas such as execution technology, artificial intelligence, data analytics and predictive analytics.

Conception X

Conception X joined the Deloitte Legal Ventures programme as part of Cohort One. The collaboration has since been formalised with Deloitte Legal becoming Conception X’s exclusive legal and professional services partner.

Explore our collaboration.


Define is participating in the first phase of Cohort One of the Deloitte Legal Ventures programme. Their contract review product is currently being tested by lawyers in our Corporate & Commercial team to determine how Define’s technology could help them review legal documents. This proof-of-concept process enables Deloitte Legal to provide rapid feedback to Define.

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