Knock, knock?

Why the legal front door will be the big theme for in-house legal departments in 2020

There has been little focus to date by in-house legal functions on their clients’ experience of legal. This looks set to change in 2020.

In-house legal departments are increasingly looking to tap into new technologies in their drive for efficiency, better risk management and improved client experience.

Over time, this has led to development of the legal ‘front door’; a digital interface between a corporate legal department and its business users.

If a front door acts as the main entrance to a house, then a ‘legal front door’ plays a similar role in being the main way for a business to access its legal department. In essence, it is a platform that enables business users to log legal requests with the in-house legal department, but it can encompass a lot more. Self-service examples include Frequently Asked Questions, intelligent systems and bots for answering queries, contract generation and even access to the organisation’s contract repository and associated contractual obligations.

Download our article to find out how an in-house legal team can use existing and new technologies to create a legal front door that improves the service experience that a business receives from its legal department, providing users with real time status information on their legal requests.

This article was first published in Legal Week on 10 March 2020.

Knock, knock? Why the legal 'front door' will be the big theme for in-house legal departments in 2020
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