Market specialisms

The Deloitte Legal team has specialists covering the financial services, digital health, travel, retail and consumer products markets.

Financial services

From capital markets and high frequency trading to high street banking and mobile apps, the financial services landscape has changed beyond recognition in just a few years. Technology and the ‘rent not own’ cloud model has reduced the cost of entry for newcomers. For incumbents and challenger brands alike, the digital financial services space is increasingly risky, competitive and subject to rapid and frequent change.

Our specialist lawyers often work in-house or on secondment with our financial services clients and support them across a range of issues including regulatory affairs, technology contracting, data protection, employment, intellectual property and litigation. We’re also called upon for transactional work such as raising finance from new platforms, the creation of strategic partnerships and the acquisitions of innovative finance models.


Helping your business to embrace cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency first came across our radar as an internet experiment and we’ve watched it develop into a means of exchange, a payment platform, a store of value and most recently a complex financial instrument. Blockchain is the underlying technology, a type of distributed ledger made up of immutable, digital, public datasets, which has the potential to transform all sorts of business transactions, relationships and contracts.

Our knowledge of the financial services sector, which includes experience in navigating all regulatory aspects, combined with our technology expertise makes us an ideal partner for businesses who are embracing cryptocurrencies. Dealing with such a fast-developing sector needs flexibility; we have, at various times, engaged with policy officials at UK regulators, brought in external experts in clearing and settlement, and leveraged our bank of financial services precedents to produce quick wins.

Key contact

Rich Folsom
+44 (0)20 7303 0117

Financial regulation

Providing integrated, multi-disciplinary advice to comply with regulation in the finance sector

Nowhere are the lines more blurred between technology and business than in the finance sector. Disruption and innovation are everywhere: fintech start-ups, insurtechs, crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending platforms, robo-advisors, crypto platforms, market data suppliers and users, benchmark administrators, e-money wallet providers and payment service providers are among new firms whose business is largely online. Established players are racing to catch up. At the same time, regulatory compliance is increasingly technical in nature.

More than ever, financial companies need lawyers who truly understand technology, who appreciate the seismic changes shaking up finance and what it all means from a regulatory point of view. That’s what you get with our specialist financial regulation legal team. We’ll help you understand how to comply with regulation as you roll out digital services and embark on new relationships with customers and vendors.

Whether you’re a challenger start-up or global investment bank, our approach is the same: we give integrated, multi-disciplinary advice from a commercial, strategic perspective.

How Deloitte Legal can help

  • Ongoing compliance support
  • Bribery and corruption prevention
  • Business structuring in the financial sector
  • Financial regulation considerations for fintech businesses
  • Financial regulatory strategy
  • Financial sector transactions, products and services
  • FCA investigations and enforcement
  • Investment funds
  • Investment management, advice and broking
  • Our retained compliance consultancy service
  • Sales, marketing and client relationships in the financial sector
  • Staffing and corporate governance of authorised firms and employment in a regulated environment
  • Payment services and e-money

Key contact

Jake Ghanty
+44 (0)20 7303 0297


Supporting your fintech business with your legal and regulatory challenges

Fintech is booming. London is a hotspot for innovation and investment in financial technology. With AI, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, open banking and other leading technologies in pipeline, it’s an exciting place to be if you can keep up. In the fintech sector, regulation, software, hardware, networks, telecoms, data, marketing and consumer rights all converge in ways that create legal and regulatory challenges that can only be solved by working in partnership with others.

We are confident and comfortable with fintech. We have years of experience under our belt and can use that knowledge to guide you through the risks and pitfalls of your fintech plans. Whether you’ve been in business six months or six decades, we’ll help you plan your fintech future.

Key contact

Chris Hill
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Digital health

The digital health wave is gathering momentum. Wearable devices, consumer healthcare and lifestyle apps, AI diagnostics, personalised medicine, online and video call appointments with clinicians – commercial opportunities abound across the healthcare and wellbeing ecosystem.

Around the world, health care providers are embracing digital technology and innovation. The NHS in the UK is no exception; digital health services and digital innovation feature strongly in the NHS Long Term Plan.

Digital health care may be a brave new world, but the same old business challenges remain – plus a few more. For a start, digital health is and will continue to be a highly regulated industry. It involves handling the most sensitive personal information and raises hard questions around data ownership, sharing and privacy. New medical devices and medicinal products will be subject to the most stringent regulation. Then there’s consumer rights, product safety and labelling to consider. Every digital health business must also protect its intellectual property. On top of all that there are the everyday essentials of financing, licensing, contracting, procurement, employment, M&A activity and dealing with any disputes.

Our digital health legal team understands the technology, the commercial imperatives and the legal and regulatory frameworks that apply to enterprises in this fast-moving market space. We can advise you at every step along the way, from the early days of innovation and fundraising to full-scale commercial roll out and beyond.

Key contact - Digital heath

Glafkos Tombolis

Glafkos Tombolis


Glafkos Tombolis advises on a broad range of corporate, institutional and private clients on private and public M&A transactions, private equity investments and general company law matters. He has a p... More


Technology has been the backbone of developments in the travel industry for several decades. The digital revolution creates further opportunities for travel operators, airlines, hotels, aggregators, logistics services and providers to use technology to create the best possible experience for their customers.

The travel industry is highly regulated. From package holidays to flights, travel companies are required to have certain licences, insurances, insolvency protection and accreditations depending on what travel services they’re selling and how. Recent changes include tougher data protection legislation, revisions to the ATOL scheme, a wider definition of what constitutes a “package” holiday, and entirely new ‘linked travel’ arrangements. The latter acknowledge the complex interdependencies of modern tourism and pull many more companies into the regulatory fold. Some of the implications of these regulatory changes are yet to be worked out.

Our expert travel legal team can provide advice to ensure you know your regulatory obligations and how to comply with them. It doesn’t stop there though, we can also advise you on your legal obligations post-booking too, such as when a holiday or travel service is cancelled or can no longer be provided, or when a customer is unhappy with the service they received.

The travel industry is also innovative with travel leading the digital revolution with online platforms, developing the sharing economy, and embracing emerging technologies. Our legal experts advise everyone from online travel agents, booking platforms and intermediaries and travel technology providers through to more traditional tour operators, retail agents, airlines, hotels and travel management companies. With our in-depth knowledge of the travel industry, we can assist with all your legal paperwork, including website terms, privacy policies, agency agreements, supplier contracts, consumer terms and conditions, services agreements and software licences. We can also advise on cloud-based services (SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS), digital payment mechanisms, data protection, cybersecurity and privacy.

Deloitte Legal's travel team are experts in their field, they are often featured in travel press and media, as well hosting seminars and webinars and speaking at events on the legal issues faced by the industry.

How Deloitte Legal can help

  • Package holidays
  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • ATOL
  • IATA
  • PTRs
  • TMCs
  • Agents
  • Tour Operators
  • Technology
  • Data

Key contact - Travel

Farina Azam

Farina Azam


Farina is the lead partner for the travel legal advisory practice within Deloitte Legal. She is a travel law expert specialising in regulatory advice and commercial contracts for the travel industry a... More

Retail and consumer products

Digital innovation is flourishing in the retail sector. Bricks and mortar retailers are adopting all sorts of engaging in-store solutions and back office, internet enabled systems that use RFID, geo-location, the Internet of Things, VR and data analytics amongst others to deliver a great customer experience online and in shop. Indeed, for many luxury brands, online has become the ultimate shop window, their biggest store.

Successful digital retailing goes deep into the supply chain – inventory, warehousing, planning, logistics, partnering – and raises complex questions around cross-border trading, data protection, liabilities and compliance. Our expert retail lawyers understand and can assist with all of these supply chain concerns. We also understand both sides of the coin, advising retailers and vendors about the legal implications of introducing digital solutions, licensing and online operations.

Of course, household names and high-end brands alike have always had to battle with passing off, fake goods and copycat designs. Our team specialises in design, trade mark and copyright litigation as well as IP protection and enforcement; we’ll help you respond appropriately to infractions and infringements. We’ll also help with employment issues, particularly where you want to bring in senior talent from another country and need to navigate the immigration process.