Enabling success for health and care systems through technology

Healthcare digitisation

We know that the NHS faces a range of interconnected challenges: an ageing population and the increasing burden of chronic diseases are creating ever-growing demand on a system already under pressure. Funding is not increasing to match demand, with the expected funding gap set to increase further by 2020/21.

Balancing this seemingly impossible equation is a challenge all NHS organisations face. The deployment and use of technology has a role to play in rising to this challenge.

How technology can support your care ecosystem

At Deloitte, we help our clients manage today’s challenges and create a sustainable future. We support the journey to develop digital capability, from the initial vision, planning and implementation through to optimisation. Our goal is to enable this journey, providing expertise, insight and assurance, as well as practical hands-on help.

We have 10 connected service areas of expertise, designed to provide targeted support and insights, which allow health and social care systems and healthcare organisations to deliver better-value care for their populations through the implementation of technology-enabled change.

Enabling success for health and care systems through technology
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